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I’m not getting sound out of my mic

Step 1: Check to see if the mute switch is on. Don’t feel bad if it is; this is the most common problem AND solution to that problem.

Step 2: Check and make sure the device is plugged into the correct ports. Even if they are, unplug and re-plug just in case of a loose connection. Yeah, we have to write that too. Sorry.

Step 3: Check your audio settings and be sure that the mic gain is not set to zero or mute. If possible, boost the gain and see if you get any signal.

Step 4: Check the ModMic on another device that accepts audio input. For wired ModMics, phones and consoles and some laptops may require a Y adapter to work. For ModMic Wireless you'll need a USB device with an acceptable OS (Mac, Win, Linux, or PS4). Please note the ModMic Wireless & ModMic USB are not compatible with any Xbox product.

Step 5: Try using the mic with a USB adapter if you have one. Or, if you are having problems and the USB adapter is in, try without it.

Step 6: E-mail us at with your findings if the solution / problem hasn’t become apparent.

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