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Upgrade your audio

The only high quality microphone that you can easily attach to any pair of headphones. Enjoy the audio quality you prefer, while adding the stellar clarity and communications capabilities of the ModMic.

ModMic Wireless

ModMic Wireless delivers full DVD quality sound with blistering aptX enhanced speeds 5 times faster than standard Bluetooth. With increased speed and data, ModMic delivers a broadcast quality signal unheard...


ModMic USB

The clarity of the first USB terminating ModMic is unmatched! The ModMic USB attaches to any headphones and comes with dual mic modes, including our award-winning omnidirectional capsule for broadcasts...


ModMic Uni

ModMic Uni delivers flexibility and quality together. With our new uni-directional noise-canceling microphone, this analog microphone attaches to any headphones and keeps out unwanted noise better than ever. The universal...


ModMic Uni + USB Sound Card

The perfect combo for work or gaming is the ModMic Uni & USB Sound Card. Our brand new ModMic Uni features an advanced noise-canceling capsule and superb sound quality. Like...

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