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A great alternative for casting or streaming, ModMic delivers high quality voice capture, with a flair of versatility.

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Antlion Audio offers you a new way to think about your audio needs for casting and streaming. Sure, you can find any number of headphone and mic combinations for studio use, but none offer the flexibility and versatility you get with a ModMic and your favorite pair of headphones.

For starters, the ModMic attaches, and detaches directly to your headphones, so you capture your voice naturally and intuitively no matter how you’re working. It also clears your desk space of the traditional desk microphone for easier computer and desk use while recording.

The best part is that ModMic gives you ultimate flexibility when you are in a mobile environment. Just use the optional Y adapter to plug into your tablet or smart device for recording away from your studio.

Your casting event wouldn't mean much if the audio quality were not superb. In this regard, you’ll appreciate the performance of the ModMic capsule, which is often lauded for its sound reproduction. You’ll appreciate the audio fidelity, and so will your audiences.

If you haven’t explored the ModMic, check it out. We think you’ll agree it’s both a convenient and ingenious microphone for a wide variety of uses.

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Case Study

Craig Shannon, better known as Onscreen, is a full time professional CS:GO Twitch streamer and has amassed over 200,000 subscribers. When faced with the many possible professional mic options he chose the ModMic above all others. We caught up with him to ask what triggered his decision and he had this to say, “Using a ModMic enables my viewers to hear me loud and clear while using superior headphones instead of a trashy gaming headset. Not only that it gives me the freedom of moving around without worrying about the audio levels of my voice unlike a standalone desk microphone.”

Whether you’re starting your first stream or already finding fame you can rest easy knowing that the ModMic is used and trusted by pros. You can catch all of the action on the Twitch channel Onscreenlol to see and hear the ModMic live.