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With ModMic and your favorite headphones, you can hear better, communicate more clearly, and get the most from your call. Solve noise and distraction problems once and for all.

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So many factors can make or break your VoIP call, so why let crappy computer peripherals and built-in microphones get in the way? Without the right gear, you could sound distant, generate echoes, or create background noise. The distraction of poor audio not only gets in the way of clear communication, but leaves your clients, customers, or friends with a bad impression.

Whether you’re calling for business or personal personal reasons, at home or in the office, you can solve these audio quality problems once and for all with the ModMic! Simply pair your favorite headphones with the ingenious ModMic for better clarity and superior comfort.

The addition of the high quality microphone makes everything you say crystal clear. The precision microphone capsule captures your voice without unwanted background noise, making you the most audibly popular person on the call. Adding a pair of comfortable headphones literally closes the loop on improved audio quality.

As an added benefit, the ModMic attaches directly to the headphone and out of your way, so your hands and desk are clear while you’re talking. You’ll also enhance the privacy of your communications with a uni-directional ModMic, which ensures conversations from those around you won’t be added to your call.

Grab a ModMic and make VoIP calls better!

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Case Study

Ironbelly Studios is a small, fast growing, art studio located in Montreal, QC. Because most of their clients and several staff members work remotely the management teams spend huge amounts of time on Skype and other voice software programs. However, due to their open office layout, background noise, other calls, and the AC unit were causing quality issues across the board. This presented two unique problems that the ModMic was destined to fix.

First, because of the amount of time they spend wearing headphones, the Ironbelly team needed comfort. Second, they needed a fantastic noise canceling mic that would eliminate background noise without losing any voice quality.

Their solution was to pair their favorite headphones from home with ModMics in the office. We caught up with the managing director, Ryan Wiancko, after their order. He had this to say, “I’ve been using the ModMic for over a month now and I continue to be impressed with the quality of the crisp audio. Several clients have mentioned that I sound sharper, and I no longer worry about background noise from office mates or AC unit. I highly recommend this product to anyone who spends their entire day on calls. Once you purchase a ModMic, you’ll be wondering what took you so long!"

You can find out more about Ironbelly Studios and see their amazing artwork at