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Antlion Audio Accessories Are Back And More Convenient Than Ever!

Greetings, Antlion Followers!

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our new ModMic Accessories Combo Pack! For only $8.25, you get three of our Base Clasps AND three sets of five Cable Clips (15 clips total) together in one package. The ModMic Accessories Combo Pack is perfect for anyone who wants to be free to attach their ModMic to multiple pairs of headphones or needs a few more clips for better cable management. Plus, it's always handy to keep a few spare parts around in case you decide to upgrade your current headphones or if your 3M adhesive pads lose some of their original strength over time.

Here's MaximumPC's Tuan Nguyen with a great shot of his inventive ModMic setup, taking full advantage of those extra Base Clasps!

On the gaming front, our man James is back with another game review. This time we're taking a look at Bossa's newest title, a prequel to their acclaimed Surgeon Simulator, "I am Bread". James investigates whether or not the game really is the best thing since sliced bread.

I am Bread

Much like Bossa’s Surgeon Simulator, I am Bread takes something “boring" or taken for granted and throws amazing physics at it to provide some unconventional excitement. At first glance it looks a little bit past ridiculous and approaching half way to stupid, but oddly enough I think with that attitude you may enjoy it the most. You are never given the impression that anything is meant to be taken seriously, from the alphabet magnets in the start menu to the Team Fortress 2, Star Wars, and Goat Simulator parody levels. I am Bread is a lighthearted, but ultimately challenging physics based puzzle game where you, playing as a piece of ordinary Bread, must journey to become Toast!

Personally, I found the extra game types more entertaining than the story mode itself. I spent hours destroying rooms with rams and racing bagels while neglecting the main story. The story mode is entertaining and very challenging but at times it can feel a little repetitive. Levels are challenging and force you to be creative with a solution (rarely did I ever find myself using a toaster to actually become toast), but it just wasn’t enough.

No matter the obstacles, the story mode did not feel immersive enough for me. There is no traditional “story” with any continuity or any real feeling of making progress to keep me interested in making the transformation from a piece of bread to a piece of toast. So, in my opinion, as a whole the game falls a bit flat because the main story line is the least playable part of the entire title. Some more creative story writing and a well developed cut scene or two may have been enough to change my opinion, but those elements are just not there.

Not all hope is lost, because the other game types really save I am Bread from mediocrity. The Bagel time trial racing is an absolute blast! My only complaint is that there are not more levels. I particularly like the destruction modes, where you could be either a lifeless ram or a day old baguette. There is something innately entertaining about flinging a ram across a room and knocking all the china off the wall. By far my favorite mode was the Starch Wars mode (as you will see in the video, WARNING: contains solution to the level).

Again, I wish there was more than one level, although the existing gameplay is certainly a challenge. You are a single piece of X-wing bread, in pursuit of a Star Destroyer that has disabled a friendly transport vessel. You must dodge Rye Wings and surface cannons to disable the Iron Destroyer and ultimately Toast yourself to perfection!

All in all, I am Bread is an above average game I wouldn’t think twice about picking up on sale, but it falls a bit short in the story department for my taste, at least at full retail price.


That's it for this installment of the Antlion Audio blog. Do you have an inventive idea for a ModMic setup using our extra Base Clasps? What do you think about "I am Bread"? Let us know on our social channels: Twitter and our Facebook Players' Club.

Until next time,

-The Antlion Team


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