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Upgrade your audio

ModMic, a new microphone concept

The only high quality microphone that you can easily attach to any pair of headphones. Enjoy the audio quality you prefer, while adding the stellar clarity and communications capabilities of the ModMic.

Which ModMic is right for you?

ModMic Wireless ModMic USB ModMic Uni
Price $119.95 $79.95 $49.95
SKU GDL-0700 GDL-1500 GDL-1420
Attaches to Any Headphones
Console Compatible* PS4 Only PS4 Only PS4 & Xbox
Noise Isolating Mic
Studio Quality Mic -
Mute Switch
Cable Length 2m 2m 2m
Cable Type Micro-USB Charging Cable USB-A 3.5mm
Hardshell Travel Case
Antlion Cable Clasps N/A
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*ModMics Uni require a Y adapter for consoles, sold separately

Case Study Image

Case Study

Meet @SubElement. He’s a hardcore gamer and ModMic owner since May of 2014. He games primarily on PC, and while you will often find him in online games like Overwatch and Elite: Dangerous, he uses his ModMic for every game he plays. To quote him directly, “Legitimately that sounds like a crazy person, but even with single player games I’ll be in Discord chatting. Everything has become more social.”

A lot of research went into his purchase those years ago, and in the end he had this to say about the ModMic, “To this day, it’s the only microphone that is so versatile that you can attach to any pair of headphones. I think you’ve seen on my twitter anytime someone mentions getting a microphone I am like, ‘get a ModMic.’”

He closed with this piece of advice to gamers: “For the love of all that is holy, use push to talk.”

Wise words @SubElement, wise words indeed.