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A passion for quality voice and audio

Antlion Audio was founded on the basis of delivering stellar voice communication capabilities to your favorite headphones. It’s all about your experience.

We’re making a new kind of electronics company here at Antlion Audio, one that puts customers first, pays careful attention to the environment and our community, and delivers innovative products. We aren’t the new guys anymore. Our products are growing in popularity around the world and we’re already taking it to the next level.

From the southern reaches of Australia to the Nordic countries, we’re making friends and serving customers the only way we know how, with a commitment to great user experience. Sure, we have a lot more we need to accomplish, and many more regions to serve. With your help, we’ll be there soon.

James "Jimmy" Console, M.D.

Entrepreneur and Founder

Jimmy studied mechanical engineering and medicine at the University of Kansas; he is the founder of Antlion Audio and inventor of the ModMic. Jimmy is the visionary behind the Antlion Audio product line. He's a problem solver by nature and enjoys finding unique solutions to common problems.

Jimmy's inventive spirit is what drives Antlion's product strategy forward, and it doesn't just end in electronics. He develops healthcare software, dabbles in guitar, and tends to his new responsibilities as a new father. As for gaming, you'll find him playing FPS and RTS games that demand teamwork and communication.

Eli Wisnievitz

Entrepreneur and CEO

Eli joined Antlion Audio in 2012, back in the day when the ModMic was hand crafted. He quickly became the Watson to Jimmy’s Sherlock, and later became CEO in 2015. Like Jimmy, Eli is a gaming aficionado, has an entrepreneurial spirit, and is committed to making positive advancements at work and in the community. He took responsibility for expanding Antlion Audio’s reach with the development of retail partnership both in the U.S. and global locations. He spearheads the marketing and operations team. Most importantly, Eli is an advocate for the customer.

A true Portland lover, Eli can be found romping around with his dog and enjoying the incredible parks and natural settings that make Oregon special.

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