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Welcome to ModMic Labs!

Printable ModMic Accessories & More!

We support your DIY attitude, so whether it is mounting systems, clasps, clips, or something more, be sure to check here for all the latest 3D printed fun! Want to submit a new print? Hit us up on our Twitter!

Featured Builds

Cable Clip

A cable clip design by Megamannen to help keep your cables tidy.

Headphone Clasps

Head(amame) ModMic Mount

A custom designed spring mount for the Head(amame) 3D printed headphones.
By VectorFinesse

Bose QC35 Cable Mount

A flat surface cable-mounted attachment point designed for the curvature of the QC35.
By Giga23

Headband Clamp Mount

Desgined for the H2XR, this my be adjusted to suite any headband; perfect for a variety of mesh headphones.
By danielzn

AKG 7xx Mount

AKG 7 series headphones are a challenge to mount on due to their unique geometry. This may help.
By medo145

Grado RS & SR Clip

A snap-on clip for mounting to multiple Grado headphones
By FluteBird

Grado Earcup w/ModMic Mount

A full replacement earcup compatible with SR60, SR80, and SR225 line.
By cynicalbutter

Cable Clips & Clasps

Cable Clip

A unique double "U" cable clip design to help keep your cables tidy.
By Megamannen

Quick-Release Clips

Clips held together with the power of magnets! How very ModMic.
By weabui

Docks & Stands

Wireless Receiver Holder

Keep your receiver in line of sight with this unique dock.
By r0w

Wireless ModMic Holder

A handy place to hang your ModMic Wireless.
By naxxfish
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