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Factory Renewed

Save up to 21%, reduce waste, AND get our full 2-year warranty!?

Probably the best deal you'll ever find! These hand-inspected products are fully tested, all loose parts, including adhesives and pop filters are replaced, and then it's all boxed up and ready for a new home. Nearly all of these units are returned to us within 30 days of purchase, making them practically brand new!

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Price $139.95 $84.95 $54.95
SKU GDL-0700 GDL-1500 GDL-1420
Attaches to Any Headphones
Console Compatible* PS4 & PS5 Only PS4 & PS5 Only
Noise Isolating Mic
Studio Quality Mic -
Mute Switch
Cable Length 2m 2m 2m
Cable Type Micro USB Charging Cable Digital USB Analog 3.5mm
Hardshell Travel Case
Antlion Cable Clasps N/A
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*Wired ModMics require a Y adapter for consoles, sold separately