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May Giveaway & Event Recap!

Who wants to win a free ModMic and our Y and USB adapters for you or a friend?

Antlion ModMic Giveaway 

Winning is as easy as hitting ALL THE BUTTONS. We've teamed up with local Portland Youtube Caster 1Up Island to help out, so give him some love too! 

You don't have to attend a LAN event we sponsor to win our stuff, just follow us on Twitter and Facebook or sign up for our Newsletter to know when the next giveaway will take place.

Speaking of LAN events, two big ones just wrapped up! We were the proud sponsors of AYB Online's BaseLAN 29.5 in Winnipeg and the EGOPRO KillStreak Tournament in Las Vegas.

We had them send along some pictures and a quick recap of the events:


BaseLAN 29.5:

The smaller brother of the largest LAN event in Canada went off with a bang, other than some malware problems, flawless and sold out faster than any show they've ever done. The stack of prizes to win was truly legendary (See top right for a nice pile of Antlion Ubermousepads! ModMics are in there too somewhere...)

From what we heard the favorites won the big Counterstrike and DOTA tournaments, no upsets this year folks!

All told I am sure you'll be able to read more about it at the BaseLAN website, and get ready for BaseLAN 30, Oct 28-30, with 60,000 attendees! 


EGOPRO Killstreak:

Edge Gamers put on their first CS:GO tournament in a new location and I am told that Hunter (Below) managed to pretty much steal the show.

That said, the REAL winner was this kid:

Lucas won the ModMic and the ATH-M70s. It didn't come with that bike on the right though.

Find out more about Edge-Gamers on their website at


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