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2023 Year in Review!

2023 has been quite the year here at Antlion Audio! Let's take a trip down memory lane (And revisit some awesome reviews!)

2023, Year of the Kimura

We started our year by launching the Kimura, our new in-ear headsets! We're not going to stand here and say it has been perfect; we've run out of stock multiple times, had the image of the Solo printed on the initial box run of the Duo (A true collector's item), and had to adjust the shape of the MMCX connection to better fit certain Sennheiser IEMs, but all in all we are very pleased with the newest addition to the Antlion family.

If you aren't sure the Kimura is compatible, check our new Compatibility List. It's still a work in progress, but should give you a solid idea of just how universal the Kimura really is. If you spot something missing from the list please e-mail us and let us know!

We're already hard at work imagining ways we can make the Kimura better, so stay tuned for news if you're a fan of IEMs!

Of course we don't call this the year in review for nothing! Check out our favorite Kimura Reviews:

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Excellent Support!

The eagle-eyed fans may have noticed we moved to Zendesk for support, which has helped streamline our system for faster replies and better automated help via the nifty chat bot. We'll never stop trying to make our support system better, faster, and easier to use, but this major change was worth noting and we strongly suggest making use of our support team if you have any questions or problems related to your Antlion Audio products!

If you despise bots, you can also always swing by our Discord and talk to our staff directly. Be sure to tag @staff for a faster reply. While we don't have the manpower to keep our eyes on Discord or our chat bot 24/7, a live, full-time employee will get back to you relatively quickly in either case.

Find us on Newegg!

We welcomed the opportunity to work with Newegg and make the ModMic and Kimura products available. We're big fans of Newegg for PC building and have already seen a great number of new customers flow through their doors. We hope it is the first of many successful years with them as a partner.

Coming Soon...

We're working hard on some big ModMic related projects! More news in the first half of next year on this.

Beyond that as previously noted we're just starting in on the planning on Kimura's next steps, which we're basing heavily on the feedback we collect from the survey you get when you make a purchase.

We're also looking to expand distribution again in the coming year, so hopefully we'll have a few more locations where you can buy local! Nothing in stone yet, but we'll be at CES and are working with the US Department of Commerce on some exciting opportunities!

That's a Wrap!

Another year has come and gone. We say this a lot, but we can never say it too much. We can not do this without the support of our loyal fans and customers helping spread the word that there's more out there than gaming headsets, in-line, and desktop mics. So from the bottom of our hearts, thank you all for being such amazing people and helping us realize our dream of creating a disruptive audio company that can make more than "just another pair of headphones." We have big plans for 2024 and beyond. So come with us on this strange journey we're on and get hyped for what's coming soon. Sign up for the newsletter, jump into Discord, or just keep your peepers on this blog for the next big announcement!

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