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2.3 vs 3.0 vs 4.0 comparison



Here's a quick comparison of the 2.3 vs. 3.0 vs. 4.0

2.3 3.0 4.0 (specs not final yet)
Mute button None None Yes, on cable
Carrying case No No Yes
Boom type Stiffer external tube Stiffer external tube Bendable internal wire
Detachable boom* Yes Yes No
Microphone type    Omni-directional Uni-/Noise-cancelling Uni-/Noise-cancelling
Compatibility  All PCs Quiet on Realtek (here) All PCs
Sensitivity  High, -26dB Medium, -47dB Med-High, -36dB
Sound Quality Loud, rich sound Quieter, but still good  Loud, clear
Noise Canceling Poor if mic is turned up too high Very Good Very Good
Impedance 2.2 KΩ 2.2 KΩ 2.2KΩ
Fr. Response 30 Hz–17.5 kHz 20 Hz–20 kHz TBD
Availability Presale soon, ship Q1 '14


*Detachable boom meaning you can unscrew the boom from the cable. All models use the same magnetic clasp, which you can detach from your headphones.


We recently stopped the old 2.0 production due to the manufacturer's non-stop QC issues, mostly in the strain relief connected to the boom. 


While we wait for confirmation of the "4.0" mute version design and its pre-order ability (I hope to have this up in a month), we now offer the 2.0 in the 3.0's body--the "2.3" (I know, I know- I dislike all these numbered versions, too- but "2.3" kinda makes sense, right?). If you check out the 2.0's product page, it's essentially the 3.0 with a different, omni-directional, capsule- the same one we use and love in the 2.0. The external tube of the boom can't be bent like the old 2.0 but there will be no compatibility issues with sound cards ... nor any issues with a strain relief. 


So, where the @#$% is the 4.0/mute version you've been talking about for so long?

It's so close to being ready for a pre-order. We've contracted with 4 different manufacturing sourcers over that past 9 months and are waiting on the last two to weigh in. It's been very difficult to keep waiting on this project but I think it will be worth it to have the best fit and quality.

We have pared down its bells and whistles (many comments on the prior posts also suggested a quality/reliability over # of functions) in order to keep its manufacturing simple and solid.

It will have:


  • Mute button 
  • 3.5mm jack
  • 2.5mm OD shielded cable (slightly larger cable than prior versions for better durability)
  • Flexible boom (not external tube like the 3.0)
  • Upgraded mic capsule (better noise-reduction and quality-- no compatibility issues on Realtek cards...)
  • No-solder strain relief (going to be more like our 1.0 mic-- the one in the first videos-- simple, solid)
  • Storage/carrying case (not completely pinned down yet, but will hold extra clasp parts, wind screens, etc..)
  • Compatibility with old base clasps

We have removed the detachable cable, the built-in cable management, and removable tip for this first run (Likely "Pro" version would add these). This will also help keep its cost down. 

A large first run should allow us to work on distributing the product internationally. Hopefully we'll end all this USPS delay/confusion/madness/nonsense.


Sounds great, Jimmy. When will it be out?  Aggressively done, the mic could ship to us in 3 months. Realistically, it will take a little longer than that (~4 months?). As soon as we have some confirmation on a selected factory we will surely let everyone know. We'll definitely send out the news on the newsletter (scroll down to bottom of the page to sign up). When its design and specs are nailed down, we'll put it up for pre-ordering. 

Any news on the price? Not yet. Thinking between 40-45 USD. 


Please let me know your thoughts! We're getting close to the 4.0 and it's exciting.

Thanks for the continued patience, feedback, and support!

I'm psyched to finally get this done right.


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