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A Very Retro 2017

While I was looking at the list of games slated for release in 2017, I felt as though I was having a flashback to my childhood in the 90s. That isn’t to say there are no major block busters coming out this year, but even a few of those feel like throwbacks.

For instance in January we got our first AAA title of the year Resident Evil 7, which is 6 years removed from the franchise's last release, and if you played the demo, it is everything like the Resident Evils that scared the pants off me when I was younger.

Why is it always a creepy house!?

That is not the biggest throw back in January in my opinion, with Double Dragon IV dropping on the 30th anniversary of the original Double Dragon title. This game fully embraces the role of a throwback, borrowing its graphical style and gameplay straight from the 80’s as an homage to the original arcade game. January continues to deliver and set the pace for the year, as it closes out strong with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers game, the likes of which we have not seen since the days of the Sega Genesis.

Billy and Jimmy are Back (Yes, that is their name, and they know Kung-Fu)

It doesn’t stop there though, February continues the trend with titles like Sniper Elite 4, continuing the saga from its last release in 2014. Following that we get the next chapter in the Halo Wars game which has been lying stagnant since early 2009. With the original Halo Wars being a bit of a disappointment, the developers have said this re-work is developed with the mindset of getting FPS Halo fans to make the crossover to an RTS style game. At the same time they have claimed that other game types will keep the advanced RTS player entertained while also implementing fixes to controls and other known issues.


March brings us a few interesting titles, like the continuation of the Bomberman franchise which took its longest break from console releases since its initial release in 1985. We also get a sequel that once died and was thought to have been forgotten due to an unfortunate bankruptcy, but nearly 20 years later fans will finally get what they have been waiting for with the release of Outcast: Second Contact. Although Outcast may be a pretty exciting title, the biggest release we will see this month and maybe the most anticipated for some this year, is Mass Effect Andromeda. Andromeda will continue the Mass Effect saga that left fans sitting on the edge of their seats all the way back in 2012. Feels like yesterday? It was 5 years ago, 10 years since the first Mass Effect.

Bomberman R... A pirate's favorite Bomberman

The rest of the year does not disappoint either,  with long forgotten titles getting new life through sequels we never thought we would see. Titles like Red Dead Redemption 2 or remasters of the iconic Final Fantasy XII will no longer be something we dream about, but a reality we can all complain about later. Overall 2017 looks like it is going to be the year of the 90’s kid and forgotten dreams. I for one am super excited about it! Stay tuned for some awesome throwback reviews throughout the year here, and as always feel free to comment and share!

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