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Antlion Helps out at the Portland Children's Museum!

Holiday Card in July?

Every quarter the Antlion team goes out into the community to donate a little time and hard work in order to produce a positive change in our area. This time we pitched in at the Portland Children's Museum, which hosts a FREE Friday every first Friday of the month from 4 till about 8.

It gets pretty busy on the Free Friday, but there's plenty of room inside!

It's an amazing hands on museum that allows kids and adults of all ages to jump into their imagination, with rooms dedicated to theater, cars, clay, creations of all kinds, outdoors and more.

Here we have the builder, groundwork, and pet hospital play areas, or as I like to call it, chaos central!

On the Free Friday event, as you can imagine, it can get a little crazy, so the museum asks for some extra helping hands from the community, and we were more than a little excited to get our hands dirty!

Cleanup crew at work!

From cleaning up left behind creations to ensuring the areas were organized and easy for children to jump into (sometimes literally) and even a fair amount of time helping the kids create what was in their imagination we were pretty much busy non-stop. Oh, and how could I forget the most common question of all? The bathrooms are over there...

Helping kids create is a key part of the job.

It was an amazing experience. I strongly recommend it for anyone with kids around the ages of 4-10, though there's still plenty of activities for younger and older kids. Plus it gives us adults an excuse to put on a puppet show, build a bridge, or just stare in wonder at how two kids who have never met can become inseparable in a matter of minutes.

Puppet Show Time!

I'd like to personally thank Whitney, the volunteer coordinator, for her help in getting us set up with this awesome event. See you next time!

 ... I have no idea.


 I did an art!


The cutest couple at Antlion!

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