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Antlion Partners with Anxiety Gaming!

We don't make it any secret that we love giving back to our communities. Whether that is volunteering around Portland or finding ways to reach the gaming community that supports us, we're always on the hunt for that perfect match. This time I think we found a real keeper! We met them at PAX and hit it off immediately.

Antlion Audio is now a primary sponsor of Anxiety Gaming!

Please keep reading and learn what they do. It may save someone's life.

AG is a non-profit organization that is attempting to solve a major problem in a clever way. Mental health is a critical problem for a lot of gamers. We understand why. The world can be overwhelming and games give us all the feeling of control and power. The problem most people suffering from things like anxiety or depression face is that talking about it is hard.

Enter Anxiety Gaming. Join the non-toxic community. Play the games you love. Make friends, meet people, build trust. If you're having a hard time, a professional is available to help. When you're totally ready, AG will be there to connect you with a therapist local to your area who fits your personality. They'll help you navigate insurance, work to provide you with dramatically reduce rates, and even completely cover the cost of care for those who couldn’t otherwise access the care they deserve.

You don't need to have any problem at all to join the group either. If you are a positive person who wants to find a gaming group that isn't full of hate and anger and just wants to play games, relax, and have fun you can join as well! Just imagine that simply being there, being friends with a random stranger you met on Discord, could be all that person needs. You were going to game anyway, right? Come on down and help out!

Learn more about Anxiety Gaming on their website at

We've got big plans on how we'll be helping out and working more with Anxiety Gaming over the next year and beyond, so stay tuned!

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