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Antlions in the Garden

The Antlion team has been busy prepping for the SxSW Trade Show, but we're never too busy to pitch in and help our local community. We got an email from the Portland Children's Museum about two weeks ago saying they needed help re-planting the Zany Maze, which was a hedge maze who's hedges had been decimated by some cold winters. So what could be more funny than a bunch of computer desk nerds working in a garden? I accepted immediately.

It's not much of a hedge maze anymore.

This was our second time helping out at the Portland Children's Museum and we knew the lay of the land already. With that in mind we immediately let our inner children run wild:

Antlion / Gnome Joe says, "This exhibit is CLOSED!"

But fun and games were not our primary mission and we set to task laying the groundwork for what the maze would soon become: A sensory garden filled with herbs and edible plants where kids can touch, smell, and even taste nature's bounty. Our stalwart CEO was in full command, leading by example, and his faithful minions more or less fell in line.

The Boss.

With the full might of an Antlion, we completed our task of clearing, fertilizing, and turning the soil in record time. Victory!

The rarely photographed Antlion John, what mysteries does this reclusive species hold?


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