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Come Fly with Me - Superflight Review

Superflight is simplicity. In the modern age of ever increasing complexity there's something to be said for game developers focused on singular core elements. A wingsuit game is pretty much perfect for this kind of thing. You can never gain energy in a winguit. That is to say, you can never return to the same altitude you were when you started. Wingsuits by their nature are a perpetual decay of 'potential energy.' This means you are forced ever lower into the procedural generated map, with new sights and dangers lurking around every death defying (or sometimes not defying) trip.

You only get one control, which lets you twist and turn through the air like Rocky the Flying Squirrel. Beyond that there's basically nothing other than a restart button and the options screen. 

There's no defined objectives. Maybe you want to unlock all the Steam achievements. Maybe you want to get your top score. Maybe you just want to zoom around and fly through dangerously small holes between giant pillars of stone. The game won't guide you, it won't tell you, you just do you.

The one thing that makes it more of a 'game' than an 'experience' is the score system, which is where I feel Superflight leaves a lot on the table. As far as I have seen you score points by being near walls, with more points given if you're inside some kind of tunnel through the world. You also get lump sum bonuses for near misses with rocks and slipping through small openings, as well as finding "portals" to new worlds (all of which are randomly generated).

This is all well and good, but I feel like they could have made the point system better without adding complexity. As it stands if you really cared about getting the "best" score you'd avoid any of those big point gains, near misses, small openings, or even large tunnels. You simply fly around the outside of the rocky masses that occupy the map and dive into any portal you find along the way. If the rewards had been more substantial for taking risks, if there were some more "style" points awarded for doing high-speed maneuvers, or if your point multiple were based more on doing 'dangerous' things over how long you were near a surface (which can be very long if you're just zooming around outside the structure), I feel it would bring us "point chasers" a lot of additional weighing of risk and reward. 

I put an hour into Superflight and I know I have seen all I need to know about the game. It's a 3 dollar game, I didn't go into it expecting it to occupy the rest of the month or even the rest of the weekend. For my 3 dollars I had a great time for an hour, and I will probably put another couple hours in, as well as show my fiancee who is bound to put a few hours in as well. That's a lot of value for a low price. A simple game with a simple objective that checks every box it intends to. In many ways making it superior to complicated games who try to do too much and end up having one or more elements utter failures.

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