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Dreamhack Atlanta 2017 Wrap Up!

We're back from another whirlwind adventure! This time the Antlion team headed down to Hotlanta for some well deserved humidity and hotel problems! Oh and Dreamhack was there too.

When setup day arrived I got there first, enjoying the better-than-lottery comfort of an entire row to myself on a red-eye flight!

However, when I arrived I quickly realized that while I was there, two of our boxes containing the latest back wall panels was not. Upon contacting UPS we were informed the packages were lost. Don't worry, they arrived as we boarded the plane to leave Atlanta... but I am getting ahead of myself!

The show was excellent, full of lively gamers, cosplayers, and plenty of ModMic shenanigans. We met up with a bunch of pro players and I even had a chance to sit down and enjoy a drink with Mr. Player Unknown himself!

However, midway through day one as I was speaking to a customer I asked "Hey, do you smell something burning?" Oh yes my friends, when we say we're on fire, we really mean it! Yes, the lighting fixture in our glass display case was smoking! After an emergency "TURN OFF THE POWER" we began the fun task of figuring out what went wrong and how to fix it. In the end we removed the light fixture and replaced it with an LED light strip. No ModMics were harmed.

Where there's smoke...

We returned to our hotel room only to find that there was some kind of mechanical malfunction in a closet adjacent to our room, making an inconsistent and fairly loud tapping sound in the wall. Several phone calls and two hours later and the Hilton confirmed that there was nothing they can do to fix it and off we went to a new room.

Other than the lost package, booth on fire, hotel room issues, and the oppressive heat of Atlanta, the show went off without a hitch! We met a ton of fans, new customers, Twitch streamers, and e-sports celebs while preaching the gospel of audio quality over RGB lighting. (I was told since we were in the south the term gospel is fair game).

Gettin' RicketyricketyWRECKED!

All in all it was a great time! Now I return to the task of getting UPS to return our packages!

See you next time Atlanta!


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