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Guns of Icarus Alliance Review

Now Available on Steam: 

The next chapter in the Guns of Icarus saga has arrived in the form of Alliance, bringing an all new cooperative mechanics to the title. With multiple game modes, ranging from defense to search and destroy and more, you and crew of other players take on waves of enemy AI to complete the mission objective, this expansion has so much content it could be mistaken for an entirely new title.

If you are completely unfamiliar with Guns of Icarus, it is a crew based “Steam Punk” FPS. You and your crew pilot a single airship together, fighting against enemy factions in dog fight style combat. If a dogfight was done via a slow moving massive airship. The game is heavy in team communication and organization. Each member of your crew will take different roles, from the captain that pilots the ship to the engineer that puts out all the literal fires! With a three class system that allows each class a bit of overlap in items, you never really find yourself stuck in one job for long.

That's a sandstorm, multiple enemy ships, two engines out, one gun destroyed, one gun on fire, and all I have is this wrench.

If you are familiar with the original title Guns of Icarus Online, the game mechanics and class system remains unchanged but they style of play is something completely different. Firstly the number of enemies you engage in Alliance is ten fold the number of encounters in PVP, making the games a bit more exciting in my opinion.

This also gives new players like myself the opportunity to learn the mechanics of the game in a slightly slower and target rich environment, without the stress of letting a PVP crew down. While also keeping the game fresh for veteran players and allowing them to teach new crew members along the way.

As a brand new player, what I found the most interesting was the community, they were some of the nicest people I have ever ran into online and you can tell the game was built with that in mind. Every aspect of communication built into the game has a positive undertone, from voice lines to the friending system, you can tell the development team had community and communication at the forefront of their minds. This is important as the game would never work without flexible and friendly teammates, as everyone really needs to have everyone else's back, or the ship will literally go down (often in flames).

Overall I think this was a much needed expansion for Guns of Icarus, as it brought new life to the title for veteran players, while giving new players a better place to hone their skills before stepping into the world of PVP.

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