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The Top 7 Headphones List!

One of the most common "Non-ModMic" questions we get is what headphones to pair with the ModMic. The problem with having a simple answer comes down to the multitude of follow up questions we always have to ask. What's your budget? What's your intended use? The ModMic works with just about everything, so the possibilities are both endless and subjective!

So, as a fun activity, we sent James into the wild world of internet forums to scour trusted sources for the most frequently recommended headphones from other people. The ones that appeared most often made our list, and then we broke them into a variety of price ranges to meet just about any budget.

Most Recommended 

To create this list we went to 12 trusted sources who ranked their favorite headphones. Then counted which headphones appear most often. Since we sell headphones, this was the best way for us to compile an unbiased list.

We have them listed in price order below. The most recommended was the DT770 at 6 and the HD600 at 5. All others had 4 recommendations.

Prices accurate as of 9/15/16

Creative Aurvana Live $52.99 Buy Now
Sony MDR-V6 $98.00 Buy Now
Sennheiser HD558 $99.99 Buy Now
Beyerdynamic DT770 $126.00 Buy Now
Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro $190.00 Buy Now
AKG Q701 $239.99 Buy Now
Sennheiser HD 600 $287.86 Buy Now


So that's the top recommendations for pretty much any budget up to $300 based on outside sources. We don't own most of these, but based on how often they appear in other review lists, you basically can't go wrong with any of them.


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