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Introducing Ultrasone + ModMic Headset Bundles!

For many years we've been searching for the right partner with which to do *official* bundles, and we're finally ready to introduce our very first - Ultrasone!

Ultrasone may not be a name you're familiar with. Rest assured, they're a premium audio brand from Germany that's been around since the 90s making straight up audiophile only headphones. We'll get more into their tech in a moment, but first...

While supplies last, we're making the best bundle offer for a ModMic Headset EVER:

ModMic USB + Ultrasone Pro 480i $149
ModMic USB + Ultrasone Pro 580i $199


That's like getting the headphones at regular price and getting the ModMic USB for FREE. Go ahead, look up the prices, we'll wait for you to get back!

Why Ultrasone?

For an official bundle partner, as opposed to just a headphone we're authorized to resell, we need to check 3 key boxes for any partner.

  1. An excellent product.
  2. Affordable price.
  3. Not having their own line of headsets that would make our relationship...awkward.

Ultrasone checked all of these boxes for sure. While their entry level model comes in around $150 USD, for you audio fanatics there's plenty of room to upgrade! They are a true audiophile brand, typically available and competing right alongside the biggest and heaviest hitters out there, with a fantastic range of products for nearly any budget, all the way up to their grand-daddy Edition 13, clocking in at 3,000.

Maybe best of all in working with Ultrasone, we can still trash talk all the crappy gaming headsets, since they only make true headphones!

With our three boxes hit, they also add one extra check mark:

Introducing S-Logic®

Here at Antlion Audio we're often recommending open back headphones for gaming. We do this because, it may surprise you to learn, human ears are complex! The short version is, open back headphones tend to sound more natural to our ears because the sound doesn't get reflected back in an unnatural way.

However, open back headphones have plenty of downsides, including having to turn the volume up higher, leaking noise into the room bothering people near you, and conversely letting outside noise into your ears to bother YOU.

Can you create a closed back headphone that gives that open sound without the downsides? That's what S-Logic® is all about.

The S-Logic® concept positions the driver in an off-center location and angles the sound to strike around your ear instead of driving the sound directly in, giving it a more wide reproduction of spatial sounds. In short, it lets your ear operate the way it is designed to instead of just pumping those sick beats directly down your ear canal.

The result is one of the best spatial reproductions we've heard in closed back headphones. You get the noise isolation of closed back headphones with the open feeling sound.

Oh, and this angled driver means you don't have to crank up the volume. That's good for your hearing and, maybe most important of all, reduces fatigue from wearing headphones so you can game, work, or listen longer without that "headphone feeling" at the end of the day.

Check out the full list of bundle options!


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