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ModMic 5, Five Months Later

Since we launched the ModMic 5 back at the start of December we've been fairly quiet about how it's doing. Hey, even with a great product you can't help but be a bit nervous. "Will they like it?"

Well, after 5 months of reviews I can say with certainty, "You better believe they do."

So here's a 5 month recap of how the ModMic is doing in the news!

Before we begin, here's some fun for you statistic minded folks! As of 4/26/17 the ModMic has a mean average review score of 88%! The lowest score is a single 70% and the highest are two 100%. This covers 16 scored reviews out of the total 90 reviews and does not include awards won that did not include a score (of which there are quite a few)! 

Here are some of the highlights!

Venture Beat (Games Beat) says, "Modmic 5 is the best microphone for any headset"



PC Magazine gave ModMic an Editor's Choice award!


Gaming pro Drift0r says "It is a very good microphone... I would recommend it."


Kyle "Bitwit" says "[The ModMic] is a very good microphone and certainly the one I'll be using for voice chat from here on out."


Kevin the Tech Ninja says "I love gaming on my QC35s!" compared us to the Blue Yeti and AT2020, listen for yourself to see how we stack up to these more expensive behemoths of audio. (Hint: Amazingly well!)


Hardware Canucks has basically nothing but praise for the ModMic 5 as he details building a $1,000 headset with it (Go big my friend!)


Tech reviewer Random FrankP says, "ModMic is still just killing it." 
(Embed disabled by Frank, sorry folks)


Techgage gives the ModMic 5 an Editor's Choice Award!


Eteknix gave the ModMic an Innovation Award!


PC Gameware Gave us a Gold Award AND one of our 100% review scores (Can I get a woot woot?).


With 90 reviews I can't quite post them all, but suffice to say we're no longer the nervous parent who's baby is leaving the nest. ModMic 5 is flying high and gaining altitude every day! But just to drive this point home, here's one last image containing some of the awards the ModMic 4 and 5 have won. 

We're very proud and humbled by the support we've received from reviewers and customers alike. Thank you, one and all.


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