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Pokemon Uranium First Impressions

For the last nine years a group of Redditors (if that is even a word) have been hard at work constructing a new PC Pokemon game from the ground up. Not just a new story or some reskin, but over 150 new Pokemon, new Pokemon types, and additional game modes make this one of the most unique community driven projects of all time. On August 6th of this year we finally saw all the hard work come together with the release of Pokemon Uranium 1.0  the first ever native PC Pokemon game.  

Pokemon Uranium takes place an entirely new world, it opens with a dark story about how your mother was lost in a nuclear power plant meltdown, and how your father could no longer care for you. After being abandoned to your elderly aunts for 10 years her health begins to take a turn and she can no longer support you. So begins your Pokemon journey!

As we run to Professor Bamb'o's lab, we are joined by our childhood friend and soon to be rival, and a familiar dialogue unfolds. At this point I knew it was time to choose my starter Pokemon, what I didn't know it was also going to be my first glimpse at an added feature. Instead of the Professor just showing us what starters are available and allowing us to make an impulse decision, Pokemon Uranium implements a small test to fit you with the best starter for your playing style. I found this to be one of many interesting additions to this community driven reboot, but not the only by far.

The developers have added features the community has been requesting for years, and some we never thought of. Things like Pokemon speech translators, side quests, and a Pokemon cellphone called the Pokepod. Each one brings a bit more depth to the game, as well as adding to the longevity. It is clear that the development team is dedicated to end game content being as robust as the main story line, with additional game modes, as well as already having multiple endings making each play through a potentially unique experience.

Overall Pokemon Uranium is more than just a fan developed Pokemon reboot, it is a Pokemon redesign. From the custom crafted models to the entertainingly composed music, Pokemon Uranium is everything we have been waiting for. I would highly recommend losing a few hours or days in it, I know I will be!

Running, it's the preferred Poketrainer mode of transit.

To download Pokemon Uranium for free visit their website at:

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