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Antlion Blog Posts

Update and Info

Greetings- Yesterday we shipped enough mics to clear all current back-ordered mics and we'll ship more next week to have enough to last us another 3-4 weeks. If you are waiting for a mic to ship, it should ship on Tuesday or Wednesday.  Our first batch of 3.0s should arrive here on the ~17th and we'll start testing and sending a few to "beta" testers. We'll hopefully do some clean-up on the site and will have more information on our possible price changes and 2.0/3.0 mics at that time. If things go well, we'll have the 3.0 non-mute ready for...

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Info on Mute Versions and 2.0 Wait Times

UPDATE(January 8th) - Mics have arrived. We are testing and assembling them now. Soon to ship to shipper and end pre-order era. (Really. This time we'll have a good stock. 3.0s are being made, too. Should have more info on the 3.0 batch shortly). Two other quick things: We're having reports of customs fees issues with some customers. Please know that you may need to pay a customs duty depending on how your country charges them (the mic is valued at 33 USD).  We've had 3 complaints of mics that have an intermittent popping noise issue. We're working on figuring...

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Update on shipped mics and waiting times

UPDATE(Dec 19th)- Just shipped out the batch that will fill all waiting orders(!).  Should arrive at the shipper on Friday, which means they'll probably ship on Saturday/Monday. Let's hope that the holidays don't slow down the mic delivery too much .... Update(Dec 18th)- Great News! Mics just came in and they sound great. We've tested ~10% of them and had great QC scores. Should have these guys shipping out soon. This means that we should be able to fill all remaining back orders with this shipment(!). Update(Dec 13th)- Looks like the first 2 out of the 3 shipments we've made...

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Update on delivery estimates (warning for new orders)

UPDATE(12/6): Shipped another batch out to our shipper today/6th (expected to arrive there on Tuesday). We could only fill 80% of back orders with the limited amount of capsules we had. Should get more capsules in tomorrow (they're in Cincinnati at the moment) so the additional wait should be minimal. Sound quality has great with a high % of the mics. We had some faulty parts and mics keep us from clearing more of the back-orders but nothing worth making a sad video about ;)  UPDATE(12/4): Just shipped the first bunch of the batch out. It's expected to get to our shipper...

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Addressing some FAQ and a bit of an update

 We've had a good amount of questions on the modular and mute versions and their statuses so I'll do my best to address them. For the TL;DR version just read the bold text When will my ordered mic be shipped to me? The mic capsules are on their way to us right now. The cables/booms will arrive in another week + some change. We will be able to test the capsules soon and report on those (in a ~week). Pics came in today of the boom parts and they're looking good- the wait time really depends on when these booms/cables...

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