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2.3 vs 3.0 vs 4.0 comparison

    Here's a quick comparison of the 2.3 vs. 3.0 vs. 4.0 2.3 3.0 4.0 (specs not final yet) Mute button None None Yes, on cable Carrying case No No Yes Boom type Stiffer external tube Stiffer external tube Bendable internal wire Detachable boom* Yes Yes No Microphone type    Omni-directional Uni-/Noise-cancelling Uni-/Noise-cancelling Compatibility  All PCs Quiet on Realtek (here) All PCs Sensitivity  High, -26dB Medium, -47dB Med-High, -36dB Sound Quality Loud, rich sound Quieter, but still good  Loud, clear Noise Canceling Poor if mic is turned up too high Very Good Very Good Impedance 2.2 KΩ 2.2 KΩ 2.2KΩ...

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3.0 Compatibility log and Pilot Program

Pilot Program 3.0 mics are not currently in stock- when they are, you'll find them here Here's the old post about the differences between the 2.0 and 3.0  Please read all instructions. The voice (facing) side of the mic has 2 slits, the mesh side is for the noise side! Updated the compatibility table. Seems most Realtek HD drivers/cards do not like the mic. Otherwise, we seem to have encouraging results. Peter G. below comments that disabling the Realtek audio manager (and a few other notes) in msconfig has helped his Realtek situation.   Tentative Pilot Program structure: Price will...

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News on the 2.0 / 3.0

  This      We know we have many waiting for the mute and noise-cancelling functions. We've been talking about them and working on them for (many) months. So, where are they? How much longer will it be?  We have had some fortunate events (growth, our customers' support) and unfortunate events (QC/compatibility fails, dishonest suppliers) that have pushed us to a newer solution this month. Here's the new strategy: Because the 3.0 is not compatible with all sound cards and the manufacturer is not cooperating well with this issue, we do not wish to start a 3.0 mute version. This...

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Older news and pics of possible cable management solutions

Next batch is using a new strain relief part/method so we've got to test them before we send any out. Shouldn't be too much of a delay. We are still dealing with QC issues on the 2.0 (mostly strain relief shorts, but a small % of mic capsules died after 2 weeks of use?). We have made a design change with the soldering style and are going to have to wait for that next batch to arrive in about 1.5 weeks. So, I'm foreseeing another stock outage soon. :( If you ordered and have been waiting for a shipping/tracking email, you should get one...

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Back in stock. International shipping prices have increased :/

USPS increased their rates late in January and now charges us ~4.13 USD (~77%) more to ship a mic internationally. Our international shipping & handling charge will go up as well by this amount. :/ International shipping is terrible for us and our international customers so we are working on getting international resellers. Many things must be done (certifications, packaging, contracts) before we can be ready but we are working on it! We're making some progress on the 2.1 mute version now that we've cleaned up a few of the factory's QC issues with the 2.0. More on that when...

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