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Ugh. Bad news on the 2nd batch ...

Not sure how to say it...  91% of the 2nd batch mics didn't pass QC. This is incredibly frustrating to all involved ... but there is good news on the horizon: We are very certain of what's wrong and know we can fix it in the next batch Additional wait shouldn't be very long. ~2-3 weeks. Enough passed QC to chip away some off the wait list and all of those waiting for replacements Mute version is coming along  In the spirit of transparency we whipped up a video that does a little explaining and lets you listen to what...

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Expected Ship Dates (as of October 12th)

UPDATE AS OF OCTOBER 24TH:  Mics are currently in Los Angeles, making their way up the coast... So we will probably not get them until tomorrow. Still, we should have them shipping out before the end of October.    </update>   Can't thank you guys enough for your patience throughout this whole ModMic 2.0 debacle.  Here's what we know: Our cable manufacturer is preparing the next 2.0 batch. It will be shipped stateside on the 22nd of October. This means: Pre-ordered mics should be shipped out in the last week of October (~25th-31st) International shipping usually takes 5-10 business days. Replacement...

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Finally, some pretty solid good news:

We tested the latest samples and they sound great. Cables are fixed and production should be able to resume quickly.  We must jump one or two more hurdles to be certain that quality will be solid for the majority of the mics but this is a great start. If all goes well, we'll soon have a better idea of the ship date for the batch (will update ASAP here). Cheers, J

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A Small Update

Hi Guys- We spoke with our cable and boom manufacturer today (9/26). They say that they'll send some samples tomorrow for a new mic tip design and a new boom type. The new mic tip will make incorporation of omni- and uni-directional mics easier, so that's cool. They've fixed the 3.5mm jack issue that some users have wound up with (our bad for not catching that sooner, guys!). We're also going to test a new boom type. If that works well then we may have to tweak our clasp molds again, ugh. The new boom type should/could fix a few...

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Something of an Update:

As of 9/24/12 we are told good news from our cable manufacturer that we should be able to make the appropriate fixes to the design. We'll get a new photo up (if things look different enough) as soon as we can. Still not a lot to work with in terms of waits/delays. We finally received our next batch samples on 9/20/12 and while a few of the first batch issues were fixed, one of the fixes now causes an unacceptable level of background noise (@#$%!!!). We are working on fixing it right now but can't give a good wait estimate...

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