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Audio is often the first warning of pending danger. Whether it's a footstep of an enemy soldier or an alert from your home base, we usually hear a threat before we see it. That’s why the right pair of headphones is so vital to victory in games. Unfortunately, the so called “gamer” headphones of the world tend to be poor counterparts to their professional audio siblings. With more focus put on flashing lights and terrible color choices, you end up paying more for worse quality.

The salt in the wound is the best headphones in the world don’t come with a mic, so you can’t use them for all your gaming. That’s why we invented the ModMic. By allowing you seamlessly attach the ModMic to any pair of headphones we can effectively PICK the headphones we find best for quality, comfort, and affordability and add an incredible quality mic to it. And since you’re not paying for those flashing lights and “gamer tax” added costs, you’ll likely get a better price to quality ratio.

ModMic goes beyond the PC too. With ModMic 5’s detachable cable system you can easily switch your ModMic from PC to current gen consoles, VR, and more. It’s the perfect, elegant, solution gamers have been waiting for.

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Case Study

Meet @SubElement. He’s a hardcore gamer and ModMic owner since May of 2014. He games primarily on PC, and while you will often find him in online games like Overwatch and Elite: Dangerous, he uses his ModMic for every game he plays. To quote him directly, “Legitimately that sounds like a crazy person, but even with single player games I’ll be in Discord chatting. Everything has become more social.”

A lot of research went into his purchase those years ago, and in the end he had this to say about the ModMic, “To this day, it’s the only microphone that is so versatile that you can attach to any pair of headphones. I think you’ve seen on my twitter anytime someone mentions getting a microphone I am like, ‘get a ModMic.’”

He closed with this piece of advice to gamers: “For the love of all that is holy, use push to talk.”

Wise words @SubElement, wise words indeed.