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Antlion Audio XLR Power Converter

Create studio quality recordings with ModMic and a mixer by safely converting 48v phantom power to 5v plugin power. Perfect for streamers and casters.

The Antlion XLR Power Converter is the most efficient way to use a ModMic with a mixer, audio interface, or other 48v, 3-pin, XLR power source. The converter decreases the operating voltage to a safe level for all 5v, 3.5mm, microphones. When paired with a ModMic Uni or our other 3.5mm jack ModMics, you get the full quality you’d expect from an XLR mic without the bulk and weight. Our built-in Proximity Compensator recognizes the way voices change as a microphone nears the source and adjusts the signal accordingly. This tuning delivers the most natural sounding voice regardless of proximity. An ideal choice for streaming and casting.

  • Safely use the ModMic with 48v XLR Interfaces
  • Works on other plugin-power 5v mics
  • Proximity Compensator delivers more natural vocals for boom microphones
  • Stellar -115db Dynamic Range

This item is currently out of stock in the EU, UK, and Canada. Please contact our support team if you'd like to order one in these regions. All other destinations are available.

Regular price $24.95