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How do I use my ModMic with a gaming console?

ModMic USB and ModMic Wireless are not compatible with any Xbox console.

The ModMic Uni will work with the Nintendo switch via a Y adapter.

For ModMics Uni and other 3.5mm ModMics:

Consoles require a Y adapter. Note that any TRRS type Y adapter will work. Simply plug both the headphone and the mic into the Y adapter first, then plug it into the 3.5mm port in your controller. Older Xbox 1 controllers require a stereo adapter. Newer Xbox controllers should have a 3.5mm port immediately available.

You can use our USB adapter as well for PS4 & 5.

For ModMic Wireless & ModMic USB:

The ModMic Wireless is compatible only with the PS4 & PS5 via the console’s USB port. Make sure you go into your console’s audio settings to make sure your ModMic is being read by it. Consult your console’s instruction manual for more info.

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