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Pro Tips - Get the Most out of your ModMic, Part 1

Part One of this multi-part series is how to resolve common issues we see our customers facing. Some of these you may have and not even know it! So let's jump in and solve some issues!

Low audio / White Noise:

The Problem: Hit record on any program you want, but say nothing. Then hit play. Hear anything? A hum, buzz, or hiss? This is white noise. Don't hear anything? Crank the volume to max and hit play again. Nearly every system has a little bit of this, but the important part is to minimize it as much as possible. 

The Solution: Normally this has to do with jacking the 3.5mm cord directly into the back of the PC. The white noise is caused by EMI produced by the computer its self. The easiest way to fix the issue is to bypass that connection all together. Normally this is done with a simple USB Audio Adapter, also known as a USB sound card. Not all setups will require one, but the USB adapter will amplify the sound produced by your ModMic; it will also eliminate any static or white noise you may be experiencing. Be sure to turn down your mic boost or mic gain, as that is also often a source of white noise.


No Audio/ Mic Not Recognized on Mac:

The Problem: Your mic isn't working at all. It's plugged in, heck you even checked to make sure the mute switch is off (you DID check, right?).

The Solution: Unfortunately this is a hardware limitation of the Apple products, they do not provide the required 5v phantom power the ModMic needs to operate. Fortunately this is also a very easy fix, all you will need is a USB adapter like the one above. The Antlion USB Adapter is compatible with both Mac and PC so you can move it from machine to machine.

Using the ModMic with Consoles:

The Problem: You want to use your ModMic on your PS4, Xbox1, or even your Wii-U, but the controller only has one 3.5mm port!

The Solution: There is more than one way to get your ModMic working with your Playstation or Xbox, this is the easiest and most cost effective way. As you can see in the image below, with a Small “Y” adapter (Like this one) into the bottom of your controller, you can use both your headphones and your ModMic with your favorite console.

Note that older Xbox controllers, pictured below, require a Stereo Adapter. Newer controllers have a 3.5mm port down there and do not require the adapter.


Using the ModMic with an Audio Mixer:

The Problem: I have an audio mixer, what settings should I use to not make my mic explode?

The Solution: Ensure the mixer has a 5v mode or 12v mode. If it's over 12v, do NOT use it without an official Antlion Audio Power Converter! If your device does have 5v or 12v phantom power you may be able to use a more simple XLR to 3.5mm Adapter (pictured below) Again I can not stress enough to NEVER plug the ModMic into full 24v or 48v phantom power, or you risk serious damage to your hardware.

Base Clasp not sticking:

The Problem: The base clasp wont stick to my headphones.

The Solution: The 3M adhesive will stick to just about anything, though rubberized surfaces do give it some trouble. Follow these steps before you panic.

Choose a flat or moderately-curved spot that can fit a half-inch diameter circle.

  1. The 3M adhesive will create a secure bond on most every headphone metal/plastic/mesh.
  2. Please be aware that 3M does not stick well to rubberized surfaces.
  3. Make sure the headphone surface is cleaned with an alcohol pad (included with every ModMic purchase) and the 3M pad is untouched before attachment (oils from your skin can weaken the adhesive).
  4. For “difficult” surfaces such as open mesh designs, 3M recommends warming the adhesive, pressing it to the surface for 30 seconds, then letting it cure for at least an hour before regular use.
  5. Both the boom shape and length - including the length of the boom located behind the Boom Clasp - are adjustable so the microphone will always be where you need it.
  6. When all else fails, contact our support and be assured our Warranty has you covered!

Here's a video that goes over it all:


Your Adhesive got Dirty!

The Problem: Maybe you dropped it while installing, maybe you moved it, maybe you forgot to clean the surface first. Whatever the case may be this weird solution will fix you right up:

The Solution: Washing the 3M surface with soapy water (however strange that seems) and heating the sticky surface with a blow dryer on High (if you use a lighter BE CAREFUL NOT TO BURN IT!) can renew some of the original stickiness. Try it, you'll be surprised!

The Second Solution (For when washing doesn't work:)
While we don't have the individual pads available through our store, you can buy the 3M material separately:

Pack of Six: The six-pack is a little thicker than our 3M pads, and you'll have to trim them a bit, but the adhesive is still 3M and will stick the same way our stock pads will.

You can also buy extra base clasps, which come with a pre-installed 3M pad from our store at

If these common problems don't help, worry not! Our customer support is available nearly every day! Feel free to contact us here or on our Discord. Check out more Pro Tips Part 2 on the right hand nav!

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