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MaximumPC Review, PCGamer Weekender Giveaways, Besieged Early Access

Welcome back to the Antlion Audio blog!

Love is in the air this February, big time. Tuan Nguyen, Editor in Chief at MaximumPC, had some very nice things to say about our ModMic in a recent review on

Check out why MaximumPC rates the ModMic a 95/100 here:

We're excited to share the love with our community in the form of some giveaways! You may remember from our previous post that we'll be teaming up with our International Partner, Lime Distribution, to feature Antlion Audio products on the show floor of PCGamers Weekender event in London, March 5-6. Before the event even starts, you can enter to win awesome prizes from a prize pool worth over £1000!

Full list of prizes:

2 Weekend Tickets to the PC Gamer Weekender
2 GOLD VIP Gaming Bands - Unlimited access to the gaming floor
2 Copies of Xcom 2
Astro Gaming A40 TR System
KontrolFreek Bundle
Team Infused signed mousemat
Scuf Gaming Infinity One + Case + braided Cable
Antlion Audio Ultimate Headset Combo
GT Omega Pro Office Racing Chair
NETDUMA R1 Gaming Router
Squid Grip Bundle
TriggerTreadZ bundle
Follow this link to enter and learn about up to 23 different ways to earn additional entries. There will also be plenty more Antlion gear available in giveaways and promotions live in person at the Weekender event. If you're planning to attend, don't forget about Lime's 10% discount code: "Fresh"
We hope to see you there!

We're still waiting on a delayed shipment of Antlion Audio Accessories, including Base Clasps and Cable Clips, but we expect to have those products and more available during March. In the mean time, our man James has put together another quick look into a new game. Keep scrolling as James walks us through the early access release of "Besiege" with a preview of what you can expect from the game in words, pictures, and video.



Do you have a February 15th tradition of replacing your rage destroyed keyboard? Well we found the solution to all your love problems. Besiege can save your Valentine’s Day for under $10! Instead of getting mad at your equipment or your significant other, why not destroy a few castles this year? 

Besiege is a medieval sandbox physic based destruction game unlike any other that his hit the market before. Besiege has some of the best graphics to date for any block building physics style game. Add an impressive physics engine and engaging levels and you can see why Besiege is one early access game that is worth every penny the day you install it.

Unlike many of the building games we see on the market, Besiege really focused on making an effective combat system and superior building engine. The attention to details put into different styles of pieces and how they function and fit together is staggering. The wide selection of interactive parts allow players to exercise their imaginations with inventions of doom, alongside other features like an active community hub that will keep you coming back for more.

Besiege Downloads is just one community site that allows players to upload their creations for others to explore. This is especially exciting for casual players, or those that might not see the thrill in building but are thirsty for some good old fashioned destruction. It also allows more advanced players to post projects they are working on for help, or to enlist collaboration on larger projects.

With the combination of an effective combat engine, realistic physics, intuitive building mechanics, and an amazing and helpful community, Besiege is one of the top early access games of this year and by far the best medieval physics game period. So don’t let your Valentine’s Day be a bust. Build a few catapults or maybe a helicopter, blow up some sheep and take down a castle. I promise it will be the best $8 dollars you spend all weekend!


Thanks for tuning in--We'll be back with another post, more updates and new content very soon. You can keep up with us on Twitter and our Facebook Players' Club until then. Best wishes from everyone here at Antlion Audio!

-The Antlion Team

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