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Omni-directional Restock, PC Weekender Event in the UK, Night in the Woods

Hello again, Antlion family! We're back on the blog with another brief inventory update, our plans for PCGamer's Weekender Event, and a quick look into the new adventure game "Night in the Woods."

Omni-directional ModMics are officially back in stock in Muted and Muteless versions! If you're not concerned with the built-in noise cancelling feature of the Uni-directional ModMics, the Omni-directional ModMic is a great option with a full sound plus improved frequency response and sensitivity. Check out our Microphone Pattern page for more details on the pros and cons of each capsule type.

Due to an untimely packaging issue with our manufacturer, Cable Clips and Base Clasp accessories are currently unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience and we expect to have those items restocked in March.

Also during March, Antlion Audio teams up with Lime Distribution to attend the Weekender Event hosted by PCGamer. The Weekender Event is scheduled for March 5-6 at the Old Truman Brewery in East London, where you'll find an epic gaming floor packed with socials, competitions, tournaments and gaming heroes. Antlion Audio products will be featured at the Weekender Event as a part of our international partner Lime Distribution's event stand. Anyone interested in attending should take advantage of our 10% off coupon code, shown in the image below. Make sure to find us and test out our products in the Hardware Zone!

Here's a little taste of some of the excitement you can expect from The PC Gamer Weekender event: 

1: Take on the UK’s largest ready-to-play PC gaming floor and play the hottest new games, many pre-release, including Dark Souls III, Street Fighter V and Total WAR: WARHAMMER, over a month before general release.  And we’ve designed the gaming floor to reduce queues, so you spend less time waiting and more time GAMING! 

2: Get an exclusive look at some of the year’s upcoming games at the PC Gamer Stage. The team will be hosting a variety of developers and other brains behind the games, showcasing their new releases with exclusive developer interviews and a reveal or two!

Guest rumours leaking from the PC Gamer bunker include, Creative Assembly, Julian Gollop, Taleworlds talking about Mount and Blade II, and Firaxis just for starters… 

3: Battle your fellow gamers as we turn the basement into a gladiatorial gaming tourney. Every ‘Weekender’ will have a seat in the tourney, but only the bravest will survive to compete in the live finals at the event. 

4: Learn how to build your dream rig with our hands-on workshops, where mod experts will take you through some of the key swap-outs to improve your gaming experience. 20 workshop stations will give you the chance to build alongside the experts on popular mods including swapping out hard drives, graphics cards, power supply and RAM. Plus plenty of beat-the-clock challenges to test even seasoned modders.

5: Put the weekend into the Weekender with socials, quizzes and meet-ups helping you make the most of your time in this buzzing part of London and put some faces to your fellow gamers.


And now for something a bit different from the usual: Night in the Woods. Our man James has a first look at the new Kickstarted adventure game that boasts an incredible story and captivating method of storytelling. Make sure to check out the official trailer and James' YouTube gameplay clip for a sense of the art style, soundtrack, and gameplay! 

Night in the Woods

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding Night in the Woods since it was initially announced in 2013. The trailers we have seen have boasted what looks to be a new form of adventure game all together. Not only will you be solving puzzles and working towards an end goal like most adventure games, you will be forced to dust off your platformer skills a bit as well. This combination makes Night in the Woods one of the most exciting games of 2016 currently flying under the radar.
The developers have not left us with just trailers and gameplay teasers these last few years. They have begun developing the canon and characters in short supplemental titles: The Lost Constellation & The Longest Night. Both of these showcase different aspects the world and how you will exist in it and are both exciting for very different reasons. Each one shares very polished animation and narration, with witty commentary that keeps you interested. They both also allow the player to make choices that will affect the outcome of the given situation and even the game.
The Longest Night is an amazing display of storytelling mixed with a simple puzzle. This is a real introduction to the world the developers have created. As you lay around a campfire looking at the stars drawing the constellations in the sky. With every new one you reveal you learn it’s history, each having a unique tale of adventure or intrigue. You guide the story with questions and responses to the npcs narrating (each one of whom is a child hood friend of yours). You get almost lost in the spinning sky as all the different formations become apparent to you. Upon discovering the last constellation in the night sky; you feel wanting more, an excitement for how the rest of the story will unfold. This has to be one of the more entertaining ways to introduce canon I have experienced.
The Lost Constellation begins with the same narration style and feel as The Longest Night, but this time the story is being told to a much younger version of the main character. Unlike The Longest Night You are plunged into a snow covered world standing outside what looks to be a dangerous black forest, you will take control of the adventurer instead of merely being told the story. You then learn you are on a quest that requires you to cross said forest that of course no one has ever crossed successfully before. Throughout your adventure you are met with puzzles and mini quests that require you navigate an ever changing forest, all while taking in the amazing animation and a perfectly curated soundtrack.
Normally I am not an adventure game enthusiast by any means (that ship sailed with Myst in 1995). This is not your traditional adventure game; the attention to detail, fluid movement and combat system as well as the promise for platformer style game play have drawn me back in. If you want to give it a shot currently all the supplemental material is available via a small donation to the development team at:
That's all we have for now. Stay tuned for more news, inventory updates, gaming content, and event plans from Antlion Audio. As always, keep up with us on our social media: Twitter, Youtube, and our Facebook Players' Club.
Until next time, 
The Antlion Team

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