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4.0s are in stock!

(Update 5/20/14-)

4.0s are in stock. We're working through the back-orders right now and should have them shipped out in the next day or so. Emails with tracking will be sent as orders are processed. 

NOTE: You may have a ~week delay if you are ordering extra base clasps with your mic for we just ran out of their stock :/ 

And older stuff:
I've whipped up a quick video for a short test and some info on what's going on with the mic:

Notes from video: 
1) Mic should be here at the end of April and shipping around the first week of May. Pre-orders should be able to start when we get the mics shipping toward us- likely in about 1 week.
2) I forgot to mention pricing(!): we're still waiting on some final numbers but it'll be around the 45-55 dollar range. We focused on better components rather than lower cost this time around--which has made it more expensive--but I think we'll be able to tweak things to get its cost lowered in future revisions. 
3) We're waiting on final tests on the mic body (cyclic bending, hot/cold fluctuation, drop tests, etc.) and its capsule so we won't have the verified specs just yet.

Here are some pics from the recent trip to the factory to sign off on the first test run:

This black 3M adhesive was awesome looking but didn't quite pass the functional tests :/

This black 3M adhesive looked really slick but didn't quick hack it during our functional tests :/

Setting up a testing device and protocol for the mics coming off the line.

Word to the wise!
I'm psyched to get this thing rolling. We've got a lot of work ahead of us (clean up site, create new media for the mic, get international distribution set up, Amazon ...) but soon we'll be able to finally be past these 2 years of waiting for the ModMic to arrive in its most evolved form. Fingers crossed for a smooth launch. Such a thing is rare here...

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