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User Gallery for 4.0 setups

The idea is a slider/gallery of pictures of user-submitted setups. This can give others idea about how to "mod" their setups and also provides something of a compatibility checker. We've been wanting to do this for a while and we finally have all the parts in place ... except the photos.

This is where you come in. We're still working out the details but for now it'll be like this:

  • Take a picture or two of your attached mic on your headset (4.0s only, please!)
  • Send your image(s?) as a .jpg to
  • Leave a note/tag in the email if you desire- it might be cool to have captions with the photos

We'll scrape together the photos every week and add them to the gallery page. We may have to start thinning it if there are too many of certain setups etc. and this may be better done on another platform like imgur but for now let's just roll with it. 

By sending us the photo(s) you'll be agreeing to our use of it on the site, etc..

Hoping to have something started this week. The media address is ready now for submissions if you are in to it!



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