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Mute-less Mics, International Certifications, User Gallery, Amazon, 4.0 Report ...

Here's the latest goings on:


Non-Mute Version

The mute version of the 4.0 ModMic has been performing well and the first batch of non-mute mics are likely to be available in July. The non-mute version will be essentially the same mic just no mute switch. It will cost less than the mute version but we aren't sure of its exact price yet.

International Marks

We're waiting on certification reports so we can finally ship mics to retail abroad! Hopefully no more ridiculous waiting for international customers. This has proved trickier/slower than desired but we're getting close.

User Gallery

This page has been put up to show off our users' setups. It's a nice way to show off the product's versatility and how crafty our users can be. If you'd like us to put yours up, you can send photos--and a note if you wish--to (by sending us your photos, you forfeit ownership of the photos, allow us to post them, and all the legal et cetera). The prior blog post has more on this.

Cable Management

We've been working on this since the product started and have yet settled on a solid solution. We are close to including some removable clips for the cable that should do the job without adding cost. More testing needs to be done but it's looking like it may be an easy solution to try.


USB and headset/4-pin adapters are in the works. The headset adapter should be simple but the USB one may take some deeper R&D. 


We're wanting for these incoming (July?) batches to get both mute/non-mute versions on Amazon now that we can better control our stock situation. 

4.0 First Batch Report

The mute version of the 4.0 has survived its first-batch woes. Some notes on the subject:
  • Fixed: We had a small % of top clasps lose their magnets due to poor plastic filling in the injection process (do let us know if you got one of these so we can fix it)
  • Fixed: Some mic tips were assembled backwards(!) Nothing more than cosmetic, but could make for some poor sounding mics if you're speaking into the wrong side of the tip. The mic icon should be the correct side. This is pretty apparent if you talk to both sides and listen to the difference, if you'd like to test it.
  • Fixed: The glue on the domed label allowed some creep/movement on some mics during shipment. We're now using a different glue and hope to have no more wonky labels.
  • Working on this: Some of the carrying cases had a strong plastic smell to them. 
Overall, we're very pleased with how the build quality has held up. Some notes on this:
Most PC sound quality issues deal with the various sound drivers/controllers/filters/settings/etc. we find vying for control over the signal. It can require a bit of tinkering to figure out in some cases.
We should also note here that the capsule is not intended for use with non-PC/non-powered jacks--we're hoping to get the dynamic/phantom/XLR Modmics rolling in the near future. 
As always, 

Jimmy / AA

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