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Now available: The Mute-less Modmic

A New Modmic has arrived ...

We are now offering a version of our Modmic 4.0 that does not come with an in-line mute switch. This unit is available for sale on our products page this moment, and will be selling for $42.95. If you've been waiting for this model we're happy to finally have it available for you, and if you are new to this concept please check it out.

International Marks

We've gotten some good news in the past month and are almost done with the process. Almost done with this one....

Worldwide Resellers

We can't jump the gun here but we are closer than we've ever been to getting you a Modmic delivered from a local source. Now is the best time to get in contact with us about where you'd like to see Modmics stocked, and also for you to suggest carrying Modmics to your favorite electronics/audio source. Expect updates in August as we secure partnerships across Europe and other parts of the world. Very excited!

User Gallery Update

All of our fans and customers have done a fantastic job of showing off their various Modmic and favorite audio set ups through our User Gallery. We're stoked with the submissions so far, thanks for helping us get over 60 new shots of the Modmic in action! If you've never seen it, our User Gallery can be found on our website at: or on our Imgur page:

Let us know what you think or add your combination(s) to the Gallery! To submit an entry email to us at media at

Cable Management

We're narrowing down our designs for a simple cable clip(s) to be included with future Modmic kits. Some more testing is needed, but we plan on having them available before the end of the year with outgoing Modmics.

4.0 Second Batch Report

Mute and Mute-less versions in this second run are going to have stronger cables/wiring and should be free of any bad magnetic clasps or backwards mic capsules. Very encouraging and hopefully fewer headaches for everyone.


We should be in the US Amazon store before holiday season this year. Still time for all of you Amazon faithful!

New Video

Finally, we've got a new video on its way to replace the current one (which is ~3 years-old and is of the 1.0!). More or less the same script but with updated quality and current products.


Why the smirk, Jimmy?  


Eli gives the script a whirl.


Always working to get the best for all of you,


Eli / AA


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