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ModMic Anywhere Contest

Antlion Audio is excited to present the #ModMicAnywhere contest!!!

You might be wondering what the heck that means? Well simply snag your ModMic off that set of headphones on the desk, then throw it in your pocket and take it with you, when you see cool spot... STICK IT!!! Then snap a photo.

#ModMicEverywhere Contest Example Photo

Big Brother is listening?

You can submit a photo by tagging us on twitter @AntlionAudio and using the hashtag #ModMicAnywhere. The contest will run until Saturday May 7th 2016 at 11:55 pm and the winner will be announced Via Twitter and Facebook on the following Monday.  


Winner(s) will receive a limited edition, ultra high quality, Antlion Audio T-shirt and Jogger, as well as the fame that comes with having the coolest picture!










Some awesome threads could be yours!



So snag your mic and stick it somewhere cool, snap a shot and you could be the big winner!

Terms and Conditions

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