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More Intl. Stores, Nerd Years Eve & Cyber Monday Sale

Hey Everyone!


It has been a while since we posted a blog update but we've been hard at work.

While many of us recover from the food coma party that is Thanksgiving, here is some news on several fronts:


International Markets

So many of our fans have been waiting for a German store to stock our product and we're happy to say that we have come to an agreement with a very respected company! These ongoing discussions are about to bear some fruit that will be exciting to share with you all. We can't say too much more until they are ready to sell/ship our products, however we have sent them hundreds of units earlier this week, so there may be another update in the coming week(s) with the big announcement.... 


The other region that is close to being officially part of the Antlion family is none other than our neighbors to the north, Canada! Again, we can't say whom we have been pursuing to partner with just yet, but it is a name that will certainly come to many Canadian minds when they think the best electronics store. As with the above, we will have another blog post fairly soon and of course our International page will be updated every time there is a new option for our world wide community.


Additional regions that have been in contact recently, and we hope to have local re-sellers for are Singapore, Iceland, and the Russian Federation. The best way to have your country added is to both contact us and contact the stores in your area, tell them you want to be able to buy a Modmic from them! They will listen.


Nerd Years Eve Event (Gaming in Vegas!)

We've received a great response to our previous post where we asked for groups to approach us about becoming sponsored. Many Youtubers out there have been the happy recipients of review modmics, and we are still looking for more Youtube content creators and Twitch streamers to sponsor as Modmic users / reviewers / affiliates. Interested parties can always get in touch with us via

The big news here is that we are partnering up with the Pro Battle League & eXtv to help the world of eSports get a bit more awesome, specifically as a sponsor of their Nerd Years Eve LAN, which will be taking place within SkillCon in Las Vegas this year. Here is a bit of information taken from their website, more details can be found through the links above:

LAN Vegas

Bring your gear and close out the year LAN style.  We are going to be in Vegas New Year’s Eve.  You can “LAN in the New Year” with PBL, eXtv, and Mountain Fortune.

The awesome team at SkillCon, , asked us to come and do some eSports events.  They said “Vegas”; we said “Yes”. 

We will be there Dec. 29th to Jan 1st with the final event being a fantastic Nerd Year’s Eve party at the conference location, the Riviera Hotel and Casino. 

The LAN will feature not only the best place and way to spend your new years, but also cash prizes for several gaming competitions going on during those days! We're proud to sponsor this event and continue to push eSports into the mainstream with more fun and accessibility for all.


Cyber Monday Sale

Lastly, on the heels of our most recent successful Massdrop sale (sorry if you missed out on it, we spread the word on social media!) we figured we could offer a sale of our own directly to you. This coming Monday December 1st, known now as Cyber Monday, will see a one time sale of our line offerings... Drumroll please:

All of the products on our website will be sold at 15% off! In order to take advantage of this shweet deal you'll need to use the code: ModMicMonday14 when you check out. We hope you take advantage of this sale and all the other great offerings that get put out at this time of the year, nothing is better in the wintertime than having your favorite gear available for all of your indoor activities ^_^



Look out for the Modmic as a part of ComputerPowerUser's holiday gift guide in their upcoming December issue, and some lucky people out there may get a Modmic along with other rad gaming goodies in a special box that goes out 4 times a year. Hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend, be sure to subscribe to our email list at the bottom of the website for these updates to come directly to you! Don't miss out on any Antlion Audio news, and we'll never spam you, we promise.



Team Antlion

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