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Greetings Antlion fans and curious minds!

Here is an update on our international stores and some more good news for the community out there.


Get your Modmics here!

Both LimeUK and PC Case Gear (Australia) are being resupplied since all of you fine folks out there have been supporting our partners. Expect to see them in stock and selling again within a week or sooner! A new addition is being added to our family of partners as well, we are happy to announce Overclockers UK will begin stocking all of our products for UK and European customers. Expect them to have product in stock very soon, shipments are en route. Also pleased to say that all of our international stores will be stocked with both variants of the 4.0 (muted/muteless) and extra base clasps kits :)


Nothing has been finalized yet with a German store but we are getting very close. We'll do our best to have this done before the holidays, and with luck within a month~


Sponsored teams & organizations

We've been gamers here since we can remember (thank you Atari, Sega & Nintendo <3) and know many of you out there are like us. For those of us who have seen the progression of the video game world from where it began to the giant social and commercial industry it is today, it seems we are in a golden age for competitive gaming. This could not have happened without tireless efforts of many communities & personalities out there, helping mold the E-sports scene into what it is today.

We are very happy to announce that we are official sponsors of two of these such communities, the EdgeGamers organization or eGO & Playcasters

Not only was eGO one of our earliest testing platforms for the Modmic, they have been around for over eight years with a constantly growing community and fielding many competitive teams. Lately, they have also been hosting Battlefield 4 events with the DICE devs, and you'll find their BF4 team sporting our microphones. One of their awesome events is coming up: "Battlefield Juggernaut with DICE and EA" on November 2nd, and you can find out more info about the event and eGO here:

Playcasters was created in 2012 after a successful re-branding of a
previous franchise. Since then Playcasters have won several awards
in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, along with personally having a
positive effect on the growth of CS:GO. They are currently home to three
CS:GO teams,that attend major events each year in the United Kingdom, along
with having a huge presence on online events within the gaming community.
Playcasters are backed by their YouTube channel that provides great tips to
both novice and advanced players, which can be found below:

This is also an open invitation to teams and groups out there who are a positive influence on the gaming community to reach out to us. We'd like to sponsor more folks that are adding to the gaming world through high level competitive play, community events and outreach, or who represent a large swath of gamers. If you would like to find out more or propose that we sponsor you, get in touch with us by sending an email to media at


Antlion's new look

Incase you didn't notice from our Facebook/twitter, we are in the final stages of updating our logo! The original Antlion "bug" has done very well since our birth, but we're excited to move onto a more exciting and cleaner look. We'd love feedback from you all, voting and comments are open on our official poll for a few days here:

Feel free to share that with your friends & community. We always appreciate your thoughts and votes, without your support we would have never made it this far!


That is it for now, be sure to vote in our poll and check out our new partners both in global selling and global gaming..

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