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The Omni Modmic 4.0 and Amazon update bonanza

Happy April!

Lots of news to share related to our products, events, and more, so let's just jump right in!

First on the board is a double-header: 

Omni-directional ModMics for sale (and they're also on Amazon)

Our long awaited omni-directional Modmic 4.0 models are now in stock and available for sale! Not only can you find them on our product page, you'll also see that Antlion Audio has returned to We'll be selling both the muted and muteless Omnis via Amazon, as well as our accessory items. You may recall seeing our Modmic 2.0s on Amazon back in the day (if so kudos for supporting us then ^_^) but due to various reasons we couldn't keep up the Amazon store. Since it has been so long and we've gone through new generations of microphones, all of our products will start fresh with no user feedback. We're excited to open that market back up again.  If you've had a good experience with our product and company, or have tips/suggestions/questions/answers for other community members, we'd much appreciate it if you'd share your stories on our new product pages.

Antlion Audio Modmic 4.0 Omni Muted 

Antlion Audio Modmic 4.0 Omni Muteless

You might be asking yourself, hey, Antlion- why isn't the 4.0 uni for sale on Amazon? Well good sirs and madams, our only unfortunate news of this update is that we are currently sold out of the Modmic 4.0 uni-directional muted model. We are working with our manufacturer to expedite the next production run, and hope to have them back for sale before too long into May. The silver lining here is our muteless uni mic is still available, and we should have that in stock until the reinforcements arrive. Depending on the speed of sales, we may put the uni muteless version on Amazon before long.

Product Improvements: New longer-lasting cap 

Our last product related update has to do with our new look on the Modmic units themselves. When we updated our logo a while back, one of the last things that needed to be updated was the dome cap on our magnetic clasps. With our most recent production run, the Modmic kits that are going out feature our next generation cap top, which you can see the before / after below courtesy of Jimmy's almost-believable photoshop work:

We chose to go with a solution that should last significantly longer compared to the adhesive sticker (the sticker would often peel up and off and leave nasty looking cap), so the caps will stay as fresh as your Modmics over time. This cap will have less contrast to distract from your excellent combination audio setup, and we hope that you guys like it as much as we do!

Since we have a new logo cap, we'll certainly get some giveaways and contests running again for submissions to the user gallery. It is time for some fresh pics of your top tier set ups and headphone / mic combinations. If you want us to feature your sweet pair of cans and Modmic combo on our website, imgur and other channels, then always feel free to email us at media@gtdevice. com.

Onto other important happenings that have to do with our friends, sponsored teams and otherwise:

Our friends at AYBO who are behind the biggest and best LANs in Canada have one of their bi-annual main events coming up, BaseLAN 28 - May 15-17, which should see 600+ hardcore gamers and much more. BaseLAN 28 will have a variety of tournaments for people to participate in, as well as many prizes, giveaways and demos. In particular, we will have Modmic units available for demo there, and AYBO is known to have Oculus demos at their events too! If you still are on the fence about buying a Modmic, this is a perfect opportunity to see it working live. BaseLAN 28 - May 15-17 in Winnipeg, more info available on the event webpageCheck out some pictures from a recent smaller event to get a better idea:

Ultimate Gamer Showdown

The Modmic 4.0 received honorable mention on for the best headset with microphone at the end of last month, which is pretty rad! The Facebook post and comments can be found here, while the original article is here. That's all for tooting our own horn this entry.

A new addition to the sponsored teams under organization, Excelling eEports. Excelling is a new organization started late last year and based out of Sweden. They're going to be competing in a few tournaments coming up and we hope they can continue to do well in competative play and growing their local community.

Excelling eSports was established in September with a goal, to become one
of the most respected eSport organizations 
in the eSports industry.


=====- Counter-Strike-Global-Offensive Team -=====
BirdieLan -

CEVO Session 7 Main League-


=====- League of Legeneds Team -=====

GO4LoL -

Gfinity Cups -

Last but not least, we want to give a shout out to our friends at Massdrop and Madorc

If you had been waiting on a deal for a Modmic then the last month or so had several options for you thanks to these two organizations and their communities. If you have never been to or, and consider yourself a true gamer/enthusiast/hobbyist then their websites are certainly worth diving into.

No other 3rd party discounts are planned at the moment, but we may bust a sale out as we approach the anniversary of the Modmic 4.0 model coming out last May. Also, it is very possible we may see a 1 day discount later this month on a particular holiday...

Thanks for the continued support, we hope to keep raising the bar and exceeding your expectations. On to the next part of 2015!

-Antlion Audio

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