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March Midweek Update! Clips, Omnis and a Massdrop Bundle!

Busy Antlions

Hey everyone, we're back with another blog update to shine some light on what we've been up to since our adventurous January at CES. Our worst kept secret is coming to light, new Modmics are a step or two away from being available for sale, and some more deals both past and current that we'd like to spotlight.... Check out the following and enjoy ^_^

Cable Clips. Yay!

Many of you have already been getting Modmic kits that include our newest addition to the Modmic experience, namely our cable management clips. We've heard the concern (for years) about the "2 cable issue" and have always had this in the back of our minds. Jimmy designed a great little nylon clip that will fit headphone cords and join them to the Modmic cable. With those nice rounded edges, they shouldn't catch on clothing or anything of the like. Each Modmic kit should come with 5 of these in the spare parts bag inside the carrying case. We hope you love these little guys!

What a bag of treats!

We aren't just announcing the clips as an official part of the standard Modmic 4.0 kits, however. As of today, we'll be selling these! You'll be able to purchase them from our store on the products page for $1 USD per bag of 5 clips. Happy cable managing!

Antlion Products

Welcome to Omni-ville

Another development we've been hard at work on is finishing up our omni-directional 4.0 models. Fans who enjoyed the sound of our 1.0, 2.0, and 2.3 models will recognize the fullness of our omni mics. These will not have as much noise-cancelling but should have a richer sound and wider frequency response. While the omni is easier to EQ and set up to get it sounding great, you still may need to adjust your settings to get the best experience, as always. We should have these for sale on our website in about 1-2 weeks and we'll have both a muted and muteless version of our omni-directional Modmic 4.0s. 

Massive Massdrop 

For much of our company's history we've been selling Modmics mostly on word of mouth and getting some favorable objective reviews on youtube. Our friends at Massdrop have really helped grow the customer base for us with their bulk-buying & deals for the end user. We don't always have the Modmic for sale there, but they are worth checking out for Antlion deals and for much more. 

That said, we DO currently have an exciting unique drop going with Massdrop right now. We're proud to have our first official Modmic + solid headphone combo pre-bundled for you all. Only available for the next ~72 hours, this is an amazing combination deal for the serious enthusiast or first timer into the custom setup world.

Audio-Technica MSR7 Exclusive Massdrop Bundle

This drop features the new Audio Technica MSR7 headphones, our muted Modmic 4.0 unidirectional mic & a very nice looking stand from Brainwavz. In order to purchase this bundle, you'll need to be a member of Massdrop which is free, just an email registration is required.

We'll update the blog again (soon!) once we officially have the omnis for sale on our website, and we'll share more exciting news about our plans for 2015. Thanks for reading, and as always, please send us an email if you are an interested party related to getting a review model, e-sports sponsorships, or getting a new local market to have its own reseller via sales @ antlionaudio .com.

Until next time~


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