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Computer Lounge NZ & SkitLite Gaming

Hello again, all of you out there.

We're happy to share some news today regarding our continually growing list of international partners & sponsored eSports teams.


Antlion Audio is now working with Computer Lounge out of Auckland, New Zealand! We're excited to be able to get the ModMic to all of our Kiwi fans and supporters. They will be getting their first shipment of our muteable 4.0s in the coming week and you can pre-order the Uni or Omni now. Be sure to show them some love for working with us, and we should soon have the whole line available through Computer Lounge.

International Partners


A new member of our growing list of supported eSports teams, Antlion Audio is very pleased to have agreed to sponsor SkitLite Gaming. You may recognize SkitLite, as they reigned as a successful and top level team during the stretch of 2009-2013, and are back to be even better. Antlion has provided ModMics to their UK based Call of Duty (Xb1) team and their Finnish CS:GO teams. We can't wait to see them dominate their opponents with our microphones and continue to rise to the top. They plan on expanding into the competative MOBA scene and possibly adding a Hearthstone team. Be sure to check out their streams, we'll do our best to link to tournaments when they are live.

Don't sleep on our Facebook Cover Contest, the winner will take home 100 USD in steam cash, xbox or playstation currency & the honor of having their work on our facebook cover =P, while 2nd and 3rd place get 50 / 25 respectively. We'll be taking entries until June 19th. The details of that contest are in this blog post:

Contest Information

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That's all for now, stay classy interwebs.

Antlion Audio

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