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Nordic ModMics! PDXLAN 26 in Portland, videos & more...

Hello out there to all of the Antlion community! It's definitely feeling like summer here in Portland (no more 90 + days please =P), and as such we're heating up with a couple of big updates and announcements:



Finally, we're very excited to announce that we've finalized an agreement with a new partner out of the Nordic region, PCB! In our continued efforts to make all of our lives easier & more "ModMicful", we're proud to announce 7 new stores that will be carrying our products. Below you'll find links to several of these new stores, and check back again soon as we continue to grow our partner circle. 


Inet Antlion Sweden






Local Gaming: PDXLAN 26

To those of us in the Portland PC gaming scene, PDXLAN is at the center of the local gaming world for a few weekends during the year. For those of you not familiar with PDXLAN, it is a BYOC LAN event that has been going on for over 10 years, and we were at the most recent one filled with more than 550 gamers. It continues to be a world class event and the largest LAN party on the West Coast of the USA. The host, Vector, was kind enough to let us roll in there with a couple of cameras and ModMics to do some interviews, mingle, and to participate in a fantastic community event. 

Our newly formed Antlion Audio video crew ready for Day 1 at PDXLAN

Newly formed Antlion Audio video crew ready for Day 1 at PDXLAN
Interviewing gamers at PDXLAN using the ModMic 4.0 Uni & having fun


For a first time adventuring into the interviewing and filming world, we really had an excellent experience at PDXLAN. It was truly a pleasure to meet so many existing Antlion Audio supporters, and to have the opportunity to introduce the ModMic to some very enthusiastic people who recognized our mic as the perfect solution for them. We've been hard at work since last weekend to produce some videos with more insights into PDXLAN, please let us know what you think! We'll have more videos available soon on our youtube channel, and will be posting a few shorts to social media in the coming week(s).

See you guys at the next LANs, possibly PAX and definitely at TwitchCon!

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