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Antlion @ Twitchcon 2015 Wrap-up & New Products Are Here

Hello again, friends of Antlion! Now that the A-team has returned from Twitchcon’s Kappa theater, we’ve got a hot, fresh wrap-up blog post to deliver. I’ll show you some of our pictures and video from the event, and recap the big announcement we’ve all been so excited to share with you guys.

First off, big thanks to everyone who came out to San Francisco and made Twitchcon such an excellent event, especially those of you who visited us at our Antlion Audio booth. It was great to meet so many people that love their ModMics and introduce more new people to our innovative solution for building your dream headset.

We really had a ton of fun chatting it up with you all. Definitely take 60 seconds and let our man Eli walk you through some more of the sights and sounds from Twitchcon 2015 by clicking our quick video recap right here:

We can’t wait to watch Twitch and Twitchcon continue to grow and hopefully see some of our new friends again next year!

And now, back to building your dream headset--Our big reveal at Twitchcon was an announcement that we've been working toward for quite some time: Antlion Audio is now offering a wide range of amazing headphones to accompany our ModMics!

We've got top headphones to fit any budget, so you can get everything you need to jump straight into online gaming with your buds or build up your Twitch channel for professional-level broadcasts right here from our Antlion Audio store. You’ll notice our product section has been updated with the full selection of high quality headphones from established brands Audio Technica, HiFiMan, and Superlux, but here's a little preview of the shiny new stuff!

Audio Technica M50x Limited Dark Green Colorway:

Superlux HD668B:

Hifiman HE400i:

Taking it one step further, we've got some more stylish new accessories to unveil right here, right now in this blog post. Slick Hifiman Headphone Stands and Travel Cases, along with our very own Antlion Pro Gaming Über-Wide Mousepads are up in our product section as of today, October 9th. As an avid WoW, Dota2 and CS:GO competitor, I've got to personally add these Über-Wide Mousepads are AMAZING! So much real estate with balanced speed, precision, and control. They look great, too!

That wraps up the recent news from our end. We want to hear what you all think! Got a question, comment or suggestion for the Antlion team? Drop us a line on our social sites or leave a comment below. We are always listening.

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