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NerdReactor's ModMic Review, Holiday Deals and New Stuff Hype!

Good day my fellow friends of Antlion! Just a few updates for our happy little community today:

NerdReactor gave us a great review, check it out on their website over here.

I'm not at liberty to fully disclose all the details, but Antlion Audio is hard at work prepping for the holidays. You can expect some major deals throughout the season. Stay tuned to make sure you're aware of all our sales as soon as they are officially announced.

Our good friends over at All Your Base Online just finished up their BaseLan29 Event, big thanks to them for putting on such a quality show. The CS:GO tournament was a real thriller. Champions "Cyber Revolution" only gave up one round throughout the tournament, to second place team "Almost Dead." Did you get to see any of the action live or have a chance to play around with some Antlion Audio products at the AYBO demo? Let us know!

For those of you eagerly awaiting an XLR/Pro Audio ModMic, I'm afraid I have no concrete information to report other than we are working diligently to perfect the new product and we're taking the time to make sure we get everything right.

We do have one brand new product and a batch of quality new product images up in our store as of Tuesday, November 3. The Antlion Audio USB Adapter will ensure the ModMic gets the 5V power it needs on any setup. Using our USB adapter should also help eliminate electromagnetic interference that some onboard audio setups could cause.

Exciting times in the gaming world are approaching. Everyone here at Antlion is beyond psyched for the Fallout 4 release on November 10th. You can look forward to some in-depth commentary on the game from us after we've had some time to get our hands dirty. For now, feast on the glory of this live action trailer:

Some of us are (perhaps foolishly) still holding onto hope that an Overwatch Beta invitation will show up in our email. If we should be so lucky, we'll certainly give you guys and gals a look into the progress of the game's development. One of the big features of Overwatch is a slick in-game voice chat experience that'll work great with the ModMic! We'll also be following the news from Blizzcon 2015 this week and keep you all posted on any big Blizzard gaming announcements from the convention.

In the mean time while we all wait anxiously for all the big releases and events coming up this week, I am so glad that Twitch is streaming Bob Ross' The Joy of Painting series over at Bob's soothing voice alongside his happy little trees and clouds are keeping me sane while the anticipation mounts! Thanks to Bob and for all the good vibes. 

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Until next time,

The Antlion Audio Team


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