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  • Cable is going to be a little shorter, 3m not 3.5m.
  • Cable will be thicker 2.0mm compared to 1.7mm in current mic.
  • The wire connection to the boom and 3.5mm jack will be over-molded with an elastomer for better durability and handling (3.5 jack).
  • The boom will be thinner yet will have a slightly larger/stiffer steel spine in it.
  • The boom will be slightly longer, by about 2 cm.
  • The mic tip will be over-molded for increased durability (and it will look nicer, in my opinion).
  • We will likely offer or include a foam windscreen for the tip.
  • The plastic parts will use a better mold process and better plastic. The look will be more polished and the mechanics/fit will be more solid.
These above changes will hopefully be ready to go within 2 months.
We will have a mute button version coming soon after we get and are happy with the first run of the new revision 2 mics. 
The button will be push on push off push on type and will be placed at the back of the boom opposite of the mic. It will be small/light-weight and should stand up to many clicks...
  • Do you have any input on our chosen improvements? Changes may be able to be made if enough of you request them.
  • NEWEST COMMENTS ARE AT THE TOP- so start from the bottom ... we're looking to improve this 
Thank you for your support and patience! We are trying out best to not send out a crappy product (we have to use or own ModMics here when we game, too).
Jimmy and Antlion Audio Staff

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  • Will this work with consoles I really hope for wii u I have hfi 780 s but need a mic

    Roy on

  • @Manuel – Yes, it’s possible to ship internationally. We hope to have resellers with the mics soon.
    @Joel – Thanks for the words!
    @Peter – I hope we can get them shipped by the 31st!
    @Nameless – Thanks for the feedback. Ribbon cables will need to be considered, indeed. We would like to have a more modular arrangement in the future. It shouldn’t be too hard to do…

    Jimmy on

  • I’ve been interested in the ModMic for a while and have pointed it out to other people who have bought them and enjoyed theirs, but I’m holding out for the mute-switched version since I would find that feature of great convenience.

    In the meantime, here’s my feedback for future revisions:

    -If you have cable clips, make sure that they can hold onto the thin ribbon cables found on most modern Stax headphones (SR-Lambda and later), without damaging them. They’re about 2mm thick when looking at them from the edge.

    Most headphones use a thick round cable, which is why I have such a concern in the first place. The clips may be meant for thicker cables, for all I know.

    -If possible, include a detachable cable. That would address a lot of the complaints about cable length if you include multiple cables of different lengths, and helps ensure that if the cable fails, you don’t have to replace the entire mic or resort to splicing/soldering.

    Nameless on

  • So glad I ordered this, looking forward to it being delivered to Wales, UK :D

    Peter on

  • But its possible to order it to Europe?
    Then you just send it from Amerika?
    I hope so because i pre-ordered one :)

    Manuel on

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