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  • Cable is going to be a little shorter, 3m not 3.5m.
  • Cable will be thicker 2.0mm compared to 1.7mm in current mic.
  • The wire connection to the boom and 3.5mm jack will be over-molded with an elastomer for better durability and handling (3.5 jack).
  • The boom will be thinner yet will have a slightly larger/stiffer steel spine in it.
  • The boom will be slightly longer, by about 2 cm.
  • The mic tip will be over-molded for increased durability (and it will look nicer, in my opinion).
  • We will likely offer or include a foam windscreen for the tip.
  • The plastic parts will use a better mold process and better plastic. The look will be more polished and the mechanics/fit will be more solid.
These above changes will hopefully be ready to go within 2 months.
We will have a mute button version coming soon after we get and are happy with the first run of the new revision 2 mics. 
The button will be push on push off push on type and will be placed at the back of the boom opposite of the mic. It will be small/light-weight and should stand up to many clicks...
  • Do you have any input on our chosen improvements? Changes may be able to be made if enough of you request them.
  • NEWEST COMMENTS ARE AT THE TOP- so start from the bottom ... we're looking to improve this 
Thank you for your support and patience! We are trying out best to not send out a crappy product (we have to use or own ModMics here when we game, too).
Jimmy and Antlion Audio Staff

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