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GAH!!! We now have the mics but nearly 1/3rd didn't pass our sound quality tests (working on why...). We also have to re-tool the clasp injection molds because the clasp was a little loose/shaky when together. We hope to ship most mics by the 8th.

We hope you guys understand that the extra wait will mean high quality 2.0s for everyone. We'd rather miss our deadline than ship crap to our customers...
We may not be able to fulfill all of the orders now that so many mics had to be rejected. We will fulfill the mics in the order of the pre-ordering (those who waited longest will get mics first). We should be able to ship out about 90% of the pre-ordered mics. Those who preorder now may have to wait for our next shipment of non-busted mics which may be a month or so. We will update when we know more.
Sorry for the additional wait!

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