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GAH!!! We now have the mics but nearly 1/3rd didn't pass our sound quality tests (working on why...). We also have to re-tool the clasp injection molds because the clasp was a little loose/shaky when together. We hope to ship most mics by the 8th.

We hope you guys understand that the extra wait will mean high quality 2.0s for everyone. We'd rather miss our deadline than ship crap to our customers...
We may not be able to fulfill all of the orders now that so many mics had to be rejected. We will fulfill the mics in the order of the pre-ordering (those who waited longest will get mics first). We should be able to ship out about 90% of the pre-ordered mics. Those who preorder now may have to wait for our next shipment of non-busted mics which may be a month or so. We will update when we know more.
Sorry for the additional wait!

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  • @Anon – Yes, the second batch will get foam screens. They should be a little more snug, too. Updates are all we’ve got for now :(

    Jimmy on

  • So, will the second batch get a foamscreen?
    Or did I read something wrong?

    Still, thanks for the updates! :)

    anonymous on

  • @H0RSE – The system we use for our orders/shipping was not intended for use as a pre-order system so it may be that you won’t get any notification that it’s shipped… We will certainly update the site/twitter/FB when things are shipped out. I wish I could be more helpful but we’re kinda in the dark as well about how the shipper/shopify will deal with it.

    Jimmy on

  • My order was placed on August 10, order #1343. The status for this order is currently still listed as “fulfilled.” Can I expect the status to change (to “shipped” or whatever) and/or will I receive an email confirmation that the item has shipped? You said you shipped orders placed before the 8/15, on 9/6. It is now 9/9 and I have received no notification of knowing if I should be expecting a mic soon.

    H0RSE on

  • @Clint – Thanks. We still have a ways to go but the 2.0 is better than the 1.0 and the 1.0 wasn’t all that bad :) . “Fulfilled” status just means that your order is in the que. Not the best language but we don’t have control over that …
    @Recon – You’re right on the cusp. Our calculations say it’s the 14th of Aug but we truly can’t pinpoint the order where it will stop. I’m hoping you’ll be on the lucky side of the cut but I don’t want to get your hopes up. We’ll try to put up the results when we know who’s not getting their mic.
    @BloodRoses – Thanks. We’re testing out a slightly less sensitive omni mic as well as an uni-directional mic. If we end up liking them we may use them very soon. Even though we’re delaying for quality we still had to compromise on a few less important aspects; the foamscreen is not really tight fitting on the first batch of 2.0s and so it would be even less so on the 1.0. Nonetheless, we will try to make the foamscreen purchasable but it sucks that a tiny piece of foam will end up costing so much (5+ USD) after shipping/handling. The next batch of 2.0s may have a slight modification to the tip which may help with the foamscreen.

    Jimmy on

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