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News on the 2.0 / 3.0





We know we have many waiting for the mute and noise-cancelling functions. We've been talking about them and working on them for (many) months. So, where are they? How much longer will it be? 

We have had some fortunate events (growth, our customers' support) and unfortunate events (QC/compatibility fails, dishonest suppliers) that have pushed us to a newer solution this month. Here's the new strategy:

  • Because the 3.0 is not compatible with all sound cards and the manufacturer is not cooperating well with this issue, we do not wish to start a 3.0 mute version. This would cost a lot and would only be available for some users.
  • Because the 2.0 manufacturer has been dishonest/difficult about their QC protocol we do not wish to pour more resources (mute, NC) into their operation. How might the QC on the mutes buttons be...
  • We plan to start a new large manufacturing contract with a reputable manufacturer to create a complete Modmic (4.0? not sure what to call it) that will be solid in its construction, will contain the mute/modular/NC/user feedback features desired, and will be much easier to distribute internationally. This job is being quoted right now and will likely take up to ~ 4 months to complete. This is going to be an awesome mic. I want to gush about the planned features but let's not get ahead of ourselves.
  • We plan on selling the 3.0s we currently have. They may be shipped in the 2.0's packaging and will have a disclaimer about possible incompatibility/warranty issues with a limited stock situation. We will post our growing list of sound cards that work and don't work with the 3.0's demanding capsule. Hopefully in stock early April.

Thoughts? Transparency is usually helpful for us and our customers. I hope you guys can be behind us on this one!


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