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Older news and pics of possible cable management solutions

Next batch is using a new strain relief part/method so we've got to test them before we send any out. Shouldn't be too much of a delay.

We are still dealing with QC issues on the 2.0 (mostly strain relief shorts, but a small % of mic capsules died after 2 weeks of use?). We have made a design change with the soldering style and are going to have to wait for that next batch to arrive in about 1.5 weeks. So, I'm foreseeing another stock outage soon. :(

If you ordered and have been waiting for a shipping/tracking email, you should get one soon. All waiting orders will be filled! (as of 3/11/13)

Here's two of our prototype cable management solutions we could put within the product itself (rather than make customers buy more 3rd party stuff. We could still offer braided sleeving packs but those are more permanent and costly): 

There would be a few sections/clips on each cable so you could loop it how you wish (maybe you just want the top foot to be kept neat, maybe you need the entire length).

The loop on the left is essentially a steel wire section on the cable. Production run of this could probably make it look a little neater.

The loop on the right is the 3.0's clip.

Both can be ignored/not used pretty easily. The steel wire can't be moved along the cable length but the clips may not hold as well as the steel. 

Love it? Hate it? Give feedback. 

This "blog post" is getting cluttered...


And below is a bunch of older miscellaneous information:


So our current solution to the 3.0 compatibility issue is looking like so:

Create known compatibility list for 3.0- do our best to make it simple and obvious

Include 2 booms in the package- one noise-cancelling and one omni.


We are still waiting on some testers for compatibility with NC and omni mics.

Also working on cable management kits to offer. We may try to offer something like these but their reviews are mixed and you'd have a ton of stuff in there that you wouldn't need. We're thinking of doing a simple custom kit with a more headphones+Modmic-centered solution. Hopefully this will reduce costs for us and those who wish to buy the kit. We're figuring out what lengths and diameters to include right now. If you've got experiences you'd like to share/suggest, we're all ears.


We are making a few tweaks on the mute button. The last revision was a little too small for our liking (25x11x8mm) for an in-line slide mute button so we're elongating it a bit.

It's currently planned to sit just a few inches below the boom strain relief (which is being overhauled as well, atm). When it was placed at the end of the boom it made the dangling cable stand out far enough that it would sometimes pull down the mic from a "flipped-up" position, if that makes any sense.

It's starting to look like the 3.0 does not play nice (very quiet input) with Realtek HD version drivers/cards and we had an issue with an ASUS Xonar DGX card. Still waiting on feedback from testers. I feel like we're getting closer to a solution on it.

We're testing an internal chip/board for the strain relief in the 2.0 as a solution to clean up some of the shorting we've seen in QC failures.

Still no solid dates on when 3.0 will be ready. Depending on compatibility numbers we may just list what cards/drivers it works with and what it doesn't, but that's far from ideal. We may be able to offer USB adapters with the mic but our choices are limited.

Thanks for your patience with all the 2.1/3.0/3.1 delays-  


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