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Happy New Year! Bring on 2016.

2016 is here! We've recovered from all the New Year's Eve festivities and we're ready to start the new year strong with a restock on our Omni-directional ModMics this month and a launch of our newest Antlion Audio products not long after. 

While we're all stoked on starting a new year, we have to take one last moment to reflect on 2015, which was an amazing year for the whole Antlion family. We've been focused on stepping up our game in order to become an even more active presence in the community for 2016 and we have enjoyed every minute.

In 2015 we attended CES, PDXLan, TI5 and Twitchcon. Every trip was an absolute blast. It was a real treat to meet so many great streaming personalities, ModMic fans, fellow gamers and industry professionals at those big events. The convention atmospheres are always electric. There's an incomparable excitement in the air when you're on the show floor surrounded by some of the brightest, most enthusiastic people in the industry, getting to see all the year's freshest ideas presented first hand. We can't get enough. 

Here's a quick photo recap of some of our favorite moments from 2015:

Our awesome Antlion Audio booth at Twitchcon
One of our lucky raffle winners
Impressive cosplayers posing with Eli, Antlion CEO
Main Stage at The International
Team EG TI5 Champions, including EG.Fear (center, front) our local Oregon Dota hero
Entering The International VIP After Party
The Crew, Cruisin' to PDXLan
Jumping right into the action at PDXLan
The best part is these events happen every year! We're already looking forward to doing it all again and again in 2016 and beyond.
What are you looking forward to most in 2016? We're cutting back on sleep and binge watching the Awesome Games Done Quick speedrunning marathon on Twitch, happening live right now to benefit the Prevent Cancer Foundation. We have a big restock on Omni-directional ModMics coming later on in January, followed by the unveiling of our Pro Audio XLR Mic and a specialized Antlion CTIA/TRRS Adapter for our console gamers with ModMics soon after. We're also picking up the brand new Hifiman Edition X planar headphones, which are some of the best sounding and most stylish headphones out there.
As always, you can keep up with the Antlion Team on our social channels: Twitter, Youtube, and our Facebook Players' Club. You'll definitely want to stay tuned for the details on our restocks, new product launches, and more hot deals coming up in 2016. 
Thanks again to our supporters and the amazing gaming, streaming, and audio communities for making the past year so special. Happy 2016 everyone! 
-The Antlion Team

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