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As Esports grow there's no bigger stage than The International and DOTA 2. However, where "regular" sports have minor leagues, the DOTA scene really doesn't. That is why we were so excited when the guys at NADCL (North American Dota Challenger League) pitched us their concept: A challenger league designed to give unsponsored teams and players not currently paid to play a chance to be seen and attract the attention they need to move up the ladder into the pros. 

Best yet, players are paid to participate in the league! If you make it through the open qualifiers into the regular season the payout is a minimum of $1,000 for the 7 weeks season with a minimum $4,000 payout for the teams that make the tournament. 

The league is specific to North America, as the name implies, for now, but we hope to see this concept flourish and provide greater access to the grandest of stages for the up-and-coming gamers around the world.

There's still time to sign up your team into the qualifier round! Check it out at

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