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Personalize Your Sound Experience

Got headphones you already love? Have your eye on a new pair but you still need a mic? With a ModMic attachment mic, you can have the audio experience and comfort of quality headphones with the rich sound of a premium mic. Attach a ModMic to any headphones to improve your communication and finally have the complete audio experience you want.

What is a ModMic?

A ModMic is a high-quality microphone that attaches onto headphones and plugs into your computer, laptop or gaming console. It’s easily removable so when you want to take your headphones out into the world, you can remove the ModMic, store it in its case, and listen to your favorite podcast or music with the sound quality you want.

See the ModMic 5 in action, including  setup and sound test, below.

Better sound. Better quality. Lower price.

A halfway decent gamer headset starts at about $100. For around that price, you can get great quality headphones that are comfortable and well-made, plus a ModMic attachment microphone. Remove the ModMic, and you’ll be proud to wear your headphones around town.

We compared the cost of gamer headsets with the cost of a good pair of headphones and a ModMic. Check out the results here.

Your voice: Clear and distraction-free.

ModMic on HeadphonesWith three options to choose from, ModMics are built to remove the background noise in loud environments and/or capture the audio nuances necessary for high quality voice recording. Listen to the difference a ModMic makes in a loud environment right here. 

Who the ModMic is for?

  • Online gamers who care about quality tech
  • Audiophiles who already have a favorite pair of headphones
  • Anyone unhappy with the quality, comfort or style of traditional headsets
  • Professionals who want to sound polished and stay comfortable on conference calls

Which ModMic is right for me?

ModMic Wireless

ModMic 5

ModMic 5 


ModMic 4

Noisy Environments Noisy Environments Noisy Environments
High Quality Recordings High Quality Recordings Moderate Pricing
Digital Mute Modular Mute Switch Optional Mute Switch
PC / PS4 Multiple Devices Single Devices


    Reviews of ModMics by users and press

    Our top priority is providing a great audio experience. Check out the reviews by customers and press to see if the ModMic is giving customers the audio quality they want.

    Frank from Randomfrankp: “ModMic Wireless sounds better than any other wireless mic I've used before.”


    Dmitry from HardwareCanucks: “I’m getting fantastic microphone quality.”


    Kyle from Bitwit offers a comparison between the ModMic 5 and ModMic 4.


    Our promise to ModMic customers

    We’re here to make you sound good. To make sure your ModMic product works for you, we support you in the following ways:

    • Discord server where you’ll find actual Antlion Audio employees ready to help
    • A quick response Customer Care team
    • One year warranty on all ModMic products
    • 30-day no hassle return policy

    Where to buy a ModMic

    Buy a ModMic right here from our secure site (we ship internationally), or find your favorite retailer around the world



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